Battle of clans in Clash Royale: all the info

¡We have news for the players of Clash Royale! It has begun Battle of Clans! You can find it in the tab “Social”. From the chat of the alliance you will be able to request that a fellow of your clan is a to you to fight; of course that a colleague your you can also solicitraros to you that you join to a battle of yours.

Battle of clans: battle to two

In this way, the two all will have the same battle, sharing the sand; yes, each one with its own deck. There is a big difference with regard to the battles normal, and that is that there are two towers of the king.

Although it may seem very easy to win since you are two, not so much; you have to combine very well your decks and your respective playing styles. But, there is an extra help: during the battle you will see when your partner place their cards in the sand although it still has not launched.

in Addition, at the start of each game you will be able to see the deck you play with your partner.

so Imagine the craziness that can ensue in the sand with four players throwing cards with the dual of elixir when it is less than a minute of play!

Battle of clans: Features

Before playing the Batlla of Clans, there are several tips that are worth taking into account. The first is that it is not shared elixir; each one of the players has its own bar elixir, as in a battle normal. The second is that the elixir goes up more slowly than in normal game. And one last thing: all the crowns that you may obtain the prize will go to the Coffer of the Clan, that this time is much smaller.

Battle of clans: tournament rules

The rules of the tournament are exactly the same as in a batlla normal; that is to say, all the cards will have the maximum level allowed by the rules:

  • maximum Level of tower of the king: 9
  • maximum Level of the common cards: 9
  • maximum Level of the special cards: 7
  • maximum Level of the cards epic: 4
  • maximum Level of the legendary cards: 1
  • extra Time: 3 minutes

Sure that the Battles by Clans bring a lot of excitement to the game. All that is to enjoy Clash Royale of a different way to us love.

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