AutoDraw, the Paint of Google with Artificial Intelligence, just try it now!

The guys at Google have done it again to make. Have launched an app great is called AutoDraw and that basically is a Paint but much better. We have before us an application that has no waste and makes use of the Artificial Intelligence to convert simple paths in creations pre-defined incredible.

But this application of Google is not a mobile app, that is to say, not you going to be able to download it for your device. Let’s say that it is a web application that you can use from the web and run from your PC, mobile or tablet.

AutoDraw, the Paint of Google

We are faced with a graphics editor ideal for people who want to draw but always have problems to make incredible creations with tools Paint-type. Because now, you’ll be able to draw wonderfully with only a couple of paths.

We are looking at a web-based tool that works very well and that you’ll need Internet to use it.

How can I use AutoDraw Google?

  • Go in the web
  • click “Start drawing” to start drawing.
  • Begins to make strokes with the brush.
  • When finished, bot Google will detect the shape of the sketch and you can guess what it is that you intend to draw. Look in the db and return you the figures that you save a greater resemblance. It’s great, because you can draw whatever you want and without limits.
  • You’ll be able to download your creation or share it with users.

AutoDraw also comes with many of the functions of image editors that no waste, such as, for example, the following:

  • Inserted forms and custom strokes.
  • Insert text.
  • Select different colors for the images.

you Can to develop different and simple creations. You will not have limits with this Google tool. A paint improved since then and with artificial intelligence, which aims to be the future.

This application is you can use it from the web, but it is valid for PCS, smartphones and tablets

That only can be used from the web and with need of the Internet does not want to say that you can’t use it from mobile devices. App is a great to that you can use from any device, without the need to download a paid software.

do you Already have you tested it? What do you think of this AutoDraw Google?

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