Ask Andro4all 72: brides will, OnePlus Two and sensor S6 Camera

Preguntale andro4all

arrived at the version 72 . Possibly one of our channel programs Andro4all most interest to users. It is clear, answer that little questions we all have lurking in your head before buying this or that terminal, to know the opinion of our youtubers favorites on a new technology or simply, what is the best smartphone or tablet in his opinion, gives us evidence of what path to follow.

Today we bring a new version which will questions about terminals as Elephone P7000 waiting for OnePlus Two, which still do not know practically all the details and more questions … staff so to speak. Moreover, as we saw in an article in recent weeks, will the issue of Camera Samsung Galaxy S6 sensor, which seems not to have liked to all users. We see it? In video!

And you do you think? Head over to Ask Andro4all 72.’ll Brides, OnePlus Two and camera sensor S6 to leave your mark

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