Are we facing the end of the IPS screens?

we Could be before the end of the IPS screens. So if you have a mobile with this type of screen, it is possible that the following that you no longer have these features and you’ll wonder why… the answer is that the virtual reality needs to OLED displays. You know, the type of panels OLED.

Although many manufacturers do not require too -see Google-, one of the essential requirements is bet on a OLED or AMOLED. So that the terminals that do not have this, they’re not going to be able to enjoy the virtual reality. So manufacturers, if you want to squeeze their terminals, it is not going to be another to choose this kind of OLED screens.


is this The end of the IPS screens?

May be the order of the IPS screens for the mere fact of not being compatible with the virtual reality since, as already we tell you, is one of the requirements for the new Virtual Reality.

But why are not compatible? By the latency. It is necessary to specify this latency and the IPS screens are not able to get it. So that you will not be able to enjoy this if you don’t have an OLED or AMOLED. We’re going, or you change your device or not you can enjoy the virtual reality.

manufacturers will opt for OLED/AMOLED for their screens for virtual reality

If the manufacturers want users to buy the phones and they go for a panel which allows them to enjoy virtual reality, they’re not going to choose IPS. So we could say that the panels IPS have died.

struggle between IPS and AMOLED has always been a constant struggle, which could have as a winner to AMOLED. But we already know how it goes, this is a winner temporary because sooner or later there will come another technology that leave us spellbound, is better and spend less battery power.


The limits of range will bet for sure by OLED or AMOLED. If you want to enjoy virtual reality, take a good look at the type of panel your smartphone before you buy it. Obviously, if you are not interested in virtual reality, you’ll be able to choose IPS that could be cheaper even.

don’t hesitate to take a look at the DayDream of Google.

What type of panel you have? What Cees is the end of IPS?

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