Application to make videos in slow motion or fast from Android

a while Ago I’ve taught some apps to record slow motion in Android but today we have discovered a new application that allows us to record videos in slow motion or fast motion from Android, easy way.

Obviously, many phones already have this option in-camera of the terminal (especially the high range) but in many mobile mid-range the option is not there, and do a slow camera is very easy if we use an application that will help you to achieve it. We may also make time-lapse cameras as it is more easy and the result always goes well, because a fast camera does not require that the mobile be able to record too many FPS per second (at least so that the result is good) while the slow motion itself requires it.


How to make videos in fast or slow motion?

Slow motion Fast Video (Video Slow in English) is an application that takes a time in Google Play and allows you to make videos in slow motion or fast from our Android phone, it also allows us to convert videos recorded with our mobile in slow motion fast so that their usefulness is quite good.

To make the video in slow motion there is that interpolate images between the images of our mobile phone (if it is not able to record at 120 or 240 fps) but with the new applications the results are getting better. Yes, must take into account that the the video in slow motion take up a lot of as a simple 15-second video deals with the same thing that a one minute video, depending on how you have configured the application.

slow motion or fast, you choose

If we set the values of the application below the normal values the video is processed to slow motion, but otherwise it will be processed to fast camera. And yes, we can also configure the video normal. The application is very easy to use and although it is not perfect we will get more of a rush because it works quite well. did you tested?

WP-Appbox: Slow-motion Quick Videos (Free, Google Play) →

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