Apple in free-fall, and Samsung is triggered


even Though the south Korean has suffered some other altibajo, we find strong as an oak again, because we can say literally that Samsung is sweeping in sales. The second quarter of 2016 for Samsung has been registered as the the best period in the last 2 years. If we talk in numbers, we are referring to the whopping 7.220 million dollars. A 18% with respect to the same period in 2015. Revenues of 45.200 million dollars, accounting for 4.9% more in that time period.

So we have talked about the sources of Canalys. Are these numbers very strong for Samsung, because it effectively manages to crush Apple in this field.

samsung quiere cambiar ley patentes

Samsung triumphs in sales crushing Apple

If we take into account that they have sold 330 million units, the figures would smile back at Samsung. As Canalys, they would have sold a few 80 million terminals, a 24% for this second quarter. On the other hand, Apple, with about 40 million would be in the 12% and in third place, would be Huawei with 9% and its 31 million terminals sold.

So this is the top 3 of manufacturers: Samsung, Apple and Huawei. We could say that Samsung has doubled to Apple. It has certainly been a great year for these guys.

Could be due, of course, to many factors. Samsung wants to keep this pace from then for the next quarter, a quarter in which all points that you will succeed for sure. It has done well with the new Galaxy S7 and VR.

Apple could haunt you in September

however, the last quarter of the year could give the return to the tortilla, because Apple plans to launch devices very interesting in September.

we’ll see if in August Samsung done well with the Galaxy Note7, which has already been shown the first advertising spot and certainly not to waste any. We hope to know him for the week, the 2 of August.

What do you think are these numbers? Do you what you expect?

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