Apple announces new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Finally rumors we take accompanying last week is over. Apple presented the new iPhone 5S -the new flagship so to speak and iPhone 5C , the affordable model who wore to talk all summer. If you want to know all the news that Apple has filed and find all the information and features on new smartphones from Apple, you just have to keep reading below to find out everything. Nor need review to iOS 7 , the third protagonist in the event that we had summoned all the press Apple.


As every year, Apple does not offer us a revolution with its new iPhone 5S, but a further development of the model was launched last year. Thus the most important improvements found in processor and camera , which had been rumored in recent weeks. Thus, the Cupertino company will seek to further increase sales of its successful smartphone and counteract the increasing pressure Android , especially the major manufacturers. Samsung, Sony and LG


Tim Cook CEO, was responsible for directing the presentation of new Apple products. Before starting with the main courses, referred Tim iTunes Festival (to create even more excitement and increase the “hype” of employees).

Then began with a review of iOS 7 and the main features, plus some news for Siri , the virtual assistant iOS. In addition, it was announced that the new version of mobile operating system will be available for iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPad mini and iPod Touch (fifth generation) from September 18 .

One of the pleasant surprises of the event came when when Cook announced that all applications iWork happen free any iOS device (do not know if will be compensated in some way users already spent per case).

New iPhone 5C


Just when the big moment came, the presentation of much rumor and expected by many, iPhone 5C “With all the technology in the iPhone 5” . Available five colors (green, white, blue, red and yellow), which integrates hardware is essentially that of iPhone 5 with Improved Battery . So do not miss A6 processor, four-inch screen and 8-megapixel iSight camera. It will also Wifi n, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE communities. For its part, the front camera FaceTime HD 1.9 megapixel allow video calls in high resolution.

When it comes Price , for now only known how much it costs to contract with US operators $ -99 with two-year contract for the 16GB version and $ 199 for 32GB. Rubber house, multicolored, will cost $ 29 IPhone 5C is made of a single piece of polycarbonate, while colorful design reminds us until Lumia series of Nokia.

As we see, meet the new model need offer iPhone cheaper , so we have no doubt that it is a success, and certainly will be a bestseller.


New iPhone 5S

After presenting the iPhone “low-cost”, remained to see the new iPhone 5S, which will become the new darling of Apple. This time the rumors matched almost full. Thus, the new smartphone will be available in the colors filtered: silver, coal and gold . Also, the ring is placed Start button we’d seen in a picture According to Apple itself, “There are so many innovations in its interior, which can take three days to count” . You can not many, but it is true that some very interesting improvements are noticed.

On the exterior design of the terminal we quickly realized new, double flash to perform high quality images in low light environments. But the highlight is actually inside, with the new processor A7 , a beast of 64-bit , the first mobile phone that has a chip of these functions. The new operating system will be fully compatible with this new processor, including a built in 64-bit version of iOS7 specifically designed to take better performance of the new smartphone.


On this new chip, Apple has emphasized that doubles processing power (CPU) and 3D (GPU) of the previous generation. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but in the words of Tim Cook, the new iPhone 5S offer performance up 40 times the first iPhone .

As usual, Apple used one demos Videogames Infinity Blade in the new iPhone to demonstrate the power of the new model. With support OpenGL ES 3.0 is set conversion much faster , which will result in a larger number of game similar to what we see on consoles quality. Indeed, Infinity Blade 3 was 64 bits in just two hours, according to the very Epic Games said. Especially demo showed a rate five times higher than that offered in the iPhone 5.

The new A7 chip also integrates a movements processor . The M7 shall perform the functions of accelerometer, gyro or compass. Developers will be freely available API. The first company to use Nike with its new Nike + Move program.


Although battery iPhone 5, and offered good results, Apple would improve, reaching 250 hours in standby, 10 hours of surfing Wi-Fi / LTE or watch videos and 40 hours of video.

has also improved the photographic aspect of the new sensor model with a five element lens opening F2.2 and 15% greater so that larger pixels and better pictures (just missing …)

As we have mentioned before, do not miss the presence of Dual Flash LED , which will help to improve our nightly enough or low light images. The new iPhone 5S has stabilization so annoying blur, capture multiple images simultaneously by selecting the sharpest of each of the parties to achieve a higher quality final image. They bursts be 10fps . No missing the presence of other features that are modern as is the case with slow motion so that we can record video in slow motion (120 fps) with a resolution of 720p. We look forward to trying this option, which is presented as one of the most striking of the new camera.


At this point, also highlight renewed camera interface and gallery introduces iOS 7, certainly much more attractive than today. Finally, note another big news in this section: make panoramas with an impressive resolution of 28 megapixels

A Upon completion of the photographic section, it was. time to talk about one of the major innovations of the iPhone 5S: Touch ID new restraint to use fingerprint fingerprint sensor Start button. Apple said the entire complex technology associated with this new system. Exterior radio button Sapphire material which ensures it will never scratch.

A fact that is appreciated is that the grooves, which allows us to identify the terminal, shall not be stored on a server. The new Touch ID can be implemented in future applications and even, who knows, purchase and payment online.

In short, the new iPhone 5S comes as good news A7 processor, new camera and system Touch ID.


Availability and prices

Speaking of prices, which his brother “small”, for now just know that will in the USA two-year contract $ 199, $ 299 and $ 399 for models 16, 32 and 64 GB, respectively. Incidentally, today, will iPhone 4S be free to deal in the US (hopefully also come here this measure because it could a selection of the most attractive to many users). For its part, the free price of iPhone 5C from $ 549 (thank goodness it was a “reasonable” version) and from $ 649 for the iPhone 5S.

reserves the new iPhone starts this Friday and is available from September 20 , in nine countries, which unfortunately is not Spain . In our country we still have to wait until December 2013 (go we ran between failure in Madrid in 2020 and now this …).

And here came the presentation of Apple, which will go down in history as the first occurring on the same day two models of iPhone. Of course, as we expected, we can not talk about any revolution from Apple, which continues to promote continuity (some we miss a little company that could surprise us with each new presentation).

Elvis Costello was responsible for setting the musical close presentation of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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