App Cloner disappears from Google Play but here we will tell you where you can download it

App Cloner is a tool that, as its name indicates, allows you to to duplicate an installed application on your Android device. It is a useful instrument for those applications that only allow the login of a account once. Even if you already had enough popularity in Google Play, the app was deleted from the virtual store after allegedly violating the policies of Google.

App Cloner accumulated more than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.06 stars on the Google Play Store. In addition, the developer provided statistics that show a base of users with more than 250,000 active clients and up to 2,000 simultaneous at a given time.

why removed App Cloner from Google Play Store?

on The 19th of October Google contacted the developer of the application to explain that it was a violation of the Abuse policy of the devices and networks, and that I had until the 26th to cancel your publication voluntarily.

The developer assumed that the message referred to to a functionality added in the last update. This deleted immediately and requested Google additional information in the event that the violation was not related.

The Google representative told the developer to publish a new version to be reviewed and that will be up during the next 24 hours in the event there is a violation in progress. two days Passed by and the representative didn’t show up, the developer try to look for him but was ignored. After a short time and without cause, it eliminated the application of the virtual store.

Obviously, the developer attempted an appeal but this was rejected on the 31st of October. However, response of Google does not reveal the exact details of why the application was removed from Google Play:

“shall Not participate in any activity with Google Play, including the making available of Their products through Google Play, that interferes with, disrupts, damages or accesses in an unauthorized manner the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or services of third parties. Including, but not limited to, Google or any other provider authorized. You may not use the information of the user obtained through Google Play to sell or distribute Products outside of Google Play”.

it May be because the tool access to third-party apps in an unauthorized manner. Perhaps that is enough for Google to declare war.

apparently what I needed the developer was a simple statement to indicate why your app violated Google policy and in this way find a solution, in the case that it was possible.

Download App Cloner outside of the Google Play Store

Although the app has been removed from the official store, does not mean that it can have on your mobile. Then I let the link of APK Mirror for download App Cloner and install it on your Android device.

Download | App Cloner 1.5.9

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