Apex Legends: tricks and tips to be the best

unlike Fortnite or PUBG, in Apex Legends should be applied to other type of strategies to be able to get the victory. Almost any advice or even experience of the game of Battle Royale serves in this new game that already attracted more than 10 million players around the world.

Cheats and tips for Apex Legends

If you have just begun to play Apex Legends and you feel you need a little help to understand what is going on in the game, because that is not to say more. Then we’re going to give some tricks and tips that will allow you to get the best results at the end of the games.

do Not separate yourself from your classmates in the fall

No te separes de tu grupo al caer Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a team game. From the outset, the developer team has wanted it to be a Battle Royale where the help of the colleagues is important to get the victory.

that Is why when you start the game, and the leader of the group mark a place for landing, you’ll have to follow him. Do not choose the option that allows you to separate yourself from the group on the landing. This is the only thing that will do is expose you to other players will attack you in group. So that’s probably not going to have any chance of getting out alive from the attack.

Help to that partner who was revived

Revivir companeros Apex Legends

One of the features that most stands out in Apex Legends, and which differentiates it from the rest of the Battle Royale, is that it allows revive teammates that were eliminated. This can be done thanks to the capsules that are located throughout the map.

If you manage to revive a teammate using this type of capsule, as you will need to assist you to that such action has not been in vain. The best thing you can do is give you a gun and bullets. Remember that those players who are revived through this method, return to the game without items. So it is key to enlist the help of the members of the group to which that player can be useful.

If you can’t speak, use the marker object

Marcar enemigos armas y balas Apex Legends

The system of marking of objects and enemies who owns Apex Legends is very useful. You can use it to show your classmates where there are enemies, weapons, bullets, and many other objects.

This system can be of great help if you can’t talk with your classmates. Although it also serves and a lot when it is communicated and you need to mark something that is far away, and that cannot be expressed with words.

Selects a hero that complements the team

Seleccion de personajes Apex Legends

Is more than well perfect by using a single hero. But sometimes that hero that you choose all the items is not available. There is where the thing could get complicated. As you might know, Apex has a system for character selection that allows you to see the rest of the group which are the heroes that you are choosing.

If you got last in the row of character selection, you’ll be able to see what kind of archetype we lack the equipment. If there is no Healer (healer), because it is time that you choose, your co-insurance will thank you for it.

The red balloons are very useful

Globos rojos Apex Legends

┬┐you Saw that there are balloons for just about everything on the map? Because they are not decorative. These balloons are very useful if you want to move from one side to the other of the map, or if you’re in the storm and don’t want to die because of the same.

If you get close to the ropes hanging from these balloons, you’ll be able to how to motivate up and then using the jetpack that your character has in the back. We recommend to use the balloons when you want to traverse long distances. Because while you climb up the rope to get exposed to other players to attack you.

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