Anonimus charge against the National Police for false accusations


Anonymous will not stop, the hacktivists have been charged this time against the National Police of Spain in the wake of one of the acts that this organization has seemed most unfair, the load against the cupola of Anonymous in our country without any kind of accusation to be true.

organization (we do not know already if good if bad) has commented that trust in the justice of our country and ensures that their representatives will soon be released for lack of veracity in the accusations but his revenge has been more dire than it seems.

Anonymous publishes data of 5400 officials of the National Police

Anonymous has published on a Twitter account, The data of 5400 officials and members of the National Police. The reason for that is very simple and one of the members of the organization made public a message:

National Police Corps of Spain, you have tried to assault our peers with false accusations that only demonstrate just how rotten is your institution. We are confident that our partners will eventually be free because we believe in the health of the public justice in Spain but it is true that you have unleashed the fury of the legions of Anonymous and I’ll give you war. We have published a list with a large number of members of your body so you can see how thin is the curtain behind which os do you hide“.

Anonymous claims that the security under the that your data stored is ridiculous

despite the attempts by hide the filtered information nothing have been able to do since there are numerous copies in the network with data of the filtered members in these documents is filtered information which is as important as first names, last names, personal addresses, emails, id cards and even passwords of these members.

Now, when Anonymous says that there will be war we do not believe that this is only a small filtration Anonymous has also commented on the poor security used to save the data of the web that have managed to hack, encrypted under one technology in disuse because of poor security and developed by a company which put in evidence. If you want to know more about the case you can see all of the data in The Confidential.

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