Animal Crossing will come to Android at the beginning of the month of April


you May not know it, but Animal Crossing is one of the best games that Nintendo has created. We were able to try it out in the famous Nintendo DS, and the game is really good for a casual use, and not so casual due to how long it is.

this Is a game in which we are masters of our life, something like The Sims, but with an air a little more animated. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy this installment on your Android phone, so we tell you all the details.

Animal Crossing will come to Android at the beginning of the month of April

As we read in AndroidAuthority, Nintendo confirmed that in the autumn of last year, Animal Crossing would come to Android. As you can see, this was not so, and the whole process was postponed.

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Nintendo account that want to prepare the lanzameintos Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes before the of Animal Crossing, to make sure that the other two games are given more priority. This is a strategy that is understandable, but the users we perjudice Nintendo to go releasing the games to your liking and with an eyedropper.

In Animal Crossing, as you said, the game will sync with our time, date, and current location, so that the weather, the day and the night, and other aspects will be in real-time. The game is not characterized by being cheap for the consoles, so we doubt that comes for free and if it does, then it might be a pay-to-play care.

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