Android Wear 2.0 independizaría even more smartwatches than smartphones


Google, I think Android Wear to be a process server. In the beginning was not given the idea that it should be independent. But there are things that are changing in Google, and that is if the Google Nexus have ceased to be what they were to become the rival of the iPhone, why could not change the vision of Android Wear?

Android Wear has not finished curdle in the market. It is all very well but I honestly I’ve seen more Apple Watch on the street that Android Wear. While it is true that is still in growth phase, still needs a lot of maturation. Be the first to arrive does not always mean being the best.

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Recently, Google has made with Cronologic, a company formed, interestingly enough, by ex-employees of Google. This company is dedicated to from 2014 to develop software to smartwatches. His job done very well and that’s why they bought the company: Google wants to these desarrollores in the development team of Android Wear.

In the next version of the operating system we can see within the app drawer app from the Play Store. Yes, you can install and uninstall applications from the device itself. And applications, such as not, will be directed to a use without smartphone, being as independent as possible and without the need of the connections of the smartphone.

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are Already developing applications that take advantage of all these new features of Android Wear 2.0 despite the fact that its launch has been delayed to the autumn of 2017.

it Will be interesting to see how the new generation of smartwatches is an independent, but what is certain is that I do not think it is at all practical. I still keep seeing the smartwatches as an extension of the phone itself. Until the moment I do not see that to take two different paths, but who knows.

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