Android surpasses iOS for the first time in advertising revenue

Trafico ingresos publicidad Android iOS

According to a new report corresponding to the first quarter of 2015 Mediaworks Opera Android has surpassed advertising revenues to iOS, the operating system of Apple. The difference is minimal a 45.77% vs. 45.44%, but This is the first time in the history of the Green Android operating system this happens . To get this data, the company has analyzed the traffic of mobile ads in more than 850 million unique users over 18,000 web pages and applications.

The news comes just a year after Android IOS exceeds traffic to mobile advertising . Back then, the difference of this traffic was just over 4.60% in favor of Android, but now we see that and is the 42.83% . Of course, a rapid growth for the Google platform in just 12 months. In addition, we can also check passing the huge difference between these two systems and the rest, a truly abysmal data.

Gráfico de tráfico e ingresos por publicidad de Opera MediaWorks

If we analyze the type of device from which the ads are displayed 62.45% of the traffic occurs from Android phones, which generates revenue 45.77% , while just 2 72% of traffic and 3.31% of income is from tablets In this field takes the cake Apple iPad , with 3.99% of traffic and a 17.45% of income. Since iPhone traffic is of 17.22%, and 27.29% revenue.

Finally, note that video ads on iOS generated 62.7% of revenues, while Android this figure is still 36.2% .

Opera Mediaworks | mobile advertising in the first quarter of 2015

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