Android Q has no root and will arrive in

has Recently reached the beta Android Q, the new version of Google’s operating system. We have been able to see that you will have an interface with greater fluidity and great news where we are able to customize the theme of Android Q to our liking.

But that’s not all, it has also been confirmed that rooting Android Q will be extremely complicated, we might even take months trying to do it.

what Android Q may not be rooting?

Android Q no se puede rootear

John Wu (developer Magisk) published on his Twitter account that he had tried rooting the new beta of Android Q. But it was not very good, because after you confirmed that this new version of Google’s operating system it is very difficult to root, which has come to impress the same Wu.

As you can see, are bad news for all those users who use root on your Android. As John Wu says that in order to achieve the root of Android Q full version, it may take several months. This is because Google has changed to logical partitions for the block of the system, which prevents the root to be logged in to Android Q.

he has Also commented that even if you manage to root Android Q, it would take a lot of time, because it practically would have to start a work from scratch, only for this version of Android.

similarly, John Wu clarified that he will work on it to see what the possible solutions to be able to get to the root of Android Q.

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