Android Q comes with a mode for the desktop natively integrated

The beta version of Android Q is already among us, since the day of yesterday. As expected, the system has come up with various modifications. Many of which still remain hidden. Thus, among these hidden features highlights of the desktop mode and that’s why we’ll talk about this interesting function.

How is the new mode for Android desktop Q?, what gives?, how can I enable it?

modo escritorio Android Q beta

The first thing you need to know is that when you connect to an external monitor you can use the desktop mode on your Android phone. The functionality for the moment is limited, of course, that is because there is only a beta version. You have to wait for the full version of Android Q to see this desktop mode working 100%.

you can Also make use of the various functions that are quite interesting and useful.

  • Run multiple windows. This will allow you to open applications and arrange them as you want.
  • The interface of the desktop mode fits in perfectly with larger screens. Which allows a comfortable handling of this function.
  • By the time you can only add applications shortcuts to the desktop and wallpapers, nothing more.
  • navigation bar is still showing at the bottom.
  • In terms of the status bar this is still in the top.

As you have seen, there is still much work ahead for Google. This is only the beginning.

Activates the desktop mode in Android Q beta

modo escritoriom nativo para Android Q beta

Now, for enable desktop mode you have to do is very simple.

  • you will First need to install the beta Android Q.
  • Now go to the developer Options. You will need to , activate this option to work in another screen.
  • To activate the desktop mode you will have to to have with Android Studio. Besides, you must run the following command in ADB: [ adb shell am start -n “ /” ].

If you want to make use of the desktop mode but still don’t know how to download Android Q beta, don’t worry. Here’s how you can download the beta of Android Q on your Google Pixel before anyone else. The procedure is fast and easy.

Other notable changes that will come in Android Q

modo escritorio Android Q beta

  1. permissions and security have been modified. You’ll have a greater control over the access of apps to your information.
  2. Android Q will come with a native support for special mobile folding.
  3. The menu to share will be amended. You will be able to share information more quickly and directly.
  4. It will include panels configuration context.
  5. Adjust the performance ART.
  6. Android Q will have a better integration Vulkan.
  7. there Will be new codecs audio and video.
  8. great news is that you will be format dynamic depth to photos.
  9. The connection peer-to-peer will also be optimized, as is the connection to the Internet.

in Addition to the new functions mentioned above. It is also expected to be joined a so dark that may apply, including, to the apps that are not compatible with this function.

Finally, there are some features and details that have to be improved in Android Q on a mandatory basis. Here we tell you what are the 5 improvements we hope to see in Android Q. So this system can be much more safe, useful, and stable.

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