Android Pay can be used to pay online


it is becoming more common to pay with the mobile, which a few years ago it was crazy to imagine is becoming the usual and there are more and more payment platforms that allow you to pay with our smartphone.

One of the payment platforms that allows us to pay with our mobile phone is Android Pay, and this allows you to pay at the Pos, that have the NFC technology. With NFC technology we can use our mobile as a payment method even though for the moment, in Spain, it is still not going very smoothly. Android Pay will have to compete against Samsung Pay or Apple Pay, both technologies already present in the country and working at full performance because it is used in two mobile phones sold on the planet.

Android Pay sin root

Android Pay allows you to pay in websites

The payment experience on a mobile is quite simple, it is only a matter of getting used to doing so and not with the traditional method. Now, it is advisable to get used to assign a PIN, or to protect the NFC chip in the correct way or otherwise we could suffer problems.

Many financial institutions allow you to to pay with NFC but Android Pay has built-in to Chrome with the option of paying on the Internet and that will allow us to pay for our purchases in an online store or any establishment that allows it.

Android Pay allows you to pay online with your fingerprint

With the new function will be as easy to pay for online purchases how to use the fingerprint to make the payment. You select the payment, you put your footprint, and Google does it all for you and this is something that simplifies online shopping and makes it increasingly simple.

pagos-web-con-android-payIf you want to make a purchase online with Android Pay is only necessary to live on a site where Android Pay to work, I you go down the beta version of Google Chrome and within the Settings you can activate (chrome://flags/). There are sites like Groupon that already allow us to use this method of payment.

The best of Android Pay is that it allows us to maintaining confidentiality, this way the seller does not know the card number or other information, only know the name and the address to which you have to do the shipping, you actually don’t need anything more.

We are still waiting for Android Pay in Spain and we hope to do it soon or the other companies you are going to advance, for the moment there is not much culture of this payment in Spain but it is a matter of time to take his run-up.

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