Android games of the week (LXXIII)


Sure as you’re casting an eye to see that you’re going to buy for this christmas, and I’ll bet that one of your gifts desired is a new smartphone or a tablet, powerful enough to move all the games in the market. Although from here we love to talk about technology, there is also room for games, and in our compilation weekly you’re going to find the latest tested by the best professionals. This week you can not miss the five games that we have selected, since the return of the classic Scooby-Doo, up to the imperishable Sonic. what are you waiting for?.

  • Drive Ahead! – they are Not sumo wrestlers, nor tanks, but rather vehicles with heads that face in a few levels closed where only impose the stronger… and less stubborn. So rare is the proposal that offers us Drive Ahead, a title that we recommend that you try to see something completely different to what it is today.

  • Stickman Revenge 2 – If you want a lot of action and even blood despilfarrada, Stickman Revenge 2 is your game. Back this classic character that is worth for everything in a title race infinite action with a few graphics, very colorful and a control tricky.

  • Floors – there’s a lot, but that much originality, and Floors is a good example of this. Exceeds levels that develop in a random order in a vertical way, with many surprises and traps at every moment, where the accuracy of our jumps and our reflexes will be needed to get away.

  • Sonic Dash 2, And follows Sonic, as agile as always, but now with more of a presence in smartphones. Returns with Sonic Dash 2, a race infinite with the most charismatic characters of the series, several worlds and alternative routes to follow, with an intuitive control and little more. Perhaps it is enough.

  • Scooby-Doo! Escape from the Haunted Isle – The most famous cowards in the world, and his inseparable dog, return in a new platforming adventure in Scooby-Doo! Escape from the Haunted Isle, where in addition we will also fight against bosses, we’ll draw platforms and explore good places… if the control allows it.

What you have similar to the wonderful games of the week?.

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  • Android games of the week (LXXIII)
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