Android Games of the week (LII)


Within the broad mass of genres that you can find on Google Play there are real gems that could well be titles handheld payment, but sometimes are buried among many programs in these distribution platforms. But after extensive hours of searching we can offer for this week which, in our opinion, are the five best games that have been released over the past seven days for your Android devices.

  • Driver Speedbout Paradise – Although Driver’s license has ceased to consoles after the memorable titles from the original PlayStation, the franchise itself has diversified into mobile with Driver Speedbout Paradise an arcade racing game boats that will take us to the open sea to compete with the gangsters.

  • Skullduggery -? What good is getting rich for life if not us then to we die is nothing Well, that should think about Skullduggery a title skill where we take a sympathetic skull collecting taxes recoverable buried wealth of the richest.

  • 3D Maze – If you’re a lover of labyrinths and always wanted to enjoy one when you were little, you now have the opportunity to test 3D Maze, a degree of aesthetic cartoon where we only worry about finding the exit random scenarios.

  • Borderline – If you do not want excessive complications in a game I invite you to try Borderline, a title where we stay on the path avoiding all obstacles in the form of strokes and all kinds of objects that appear in a somewhat psychedelic aesthetic.

  • Ridiculous Triathlon – Under endless-runner very original we have Ridiculous Triathlon, a game which alternates three types of tests to run infinite controlling grotesque characters will behave differently to each other, but combining to reach the final goal.

What do you have like the games of the week for your Android Devices

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