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Although many vacation and intentéis ye envy us, you are not getting !. Despite your good intentions, we continue to soldier analyzing the millimeter every centimeter of games that are present in Google Play, to make you easier to find the best applications of the week. And imagine this week is not exactly an exception because we bring games like Tip-Off Baskteball for sports enthusiasts, Dokkan Battle for diehard Dragon Ball or Alphabear for those who can not drop a minute his English book.

  • Tip-Off Baskteball – While translating a basketball game on smartphones and tablets is not easy, yes focuses towards arcade experience things do change. That is why Tip-Off Basketball takes this popular sport to a degree of skill with many challenges to meet, but which will still have to put the little ball through the hoop.

  • Epic Party Clicker – For those who could not go to parties in Ibiza this year because it gets them to do so, can always download Epic Party Clicker, a kind of strategy game where there is much to do and little to think about, too perfect estrujarnos not mind at this time vagueza total.

  • Dragon Ball: Battle Dokkan – The classic anime manga Dragon Ball is still there, and it appears that appeals to veteran public rescuing the essence of the original plot. With Dragon Ball Battle Dokkan you will be able to enjoy and reminiscing but now under a game of skill and strategy that can like or not, but that includes the most prominent figures.

  • Monster Shooter Platinum – If you need to take off pressure and start shooting everything that moves, Monster Shooter Platinum is your game, and believe me you will not be disappointed. Defending and attacking alien waves and do not let Earth succumb to fear, but maybe you you’re the only danger …

  • Alphabear – we also care about intellectuals, and English is one of our favorite subjects. So be sure to enjoy the course Alphabear where form words in English while unblock collectible bears. You make good plan, no.

What did you think of the game of the week? Have we left anyone?

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