Analysis Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 after 3 months, the work of art of the mid-range

When it is launched this terminal already pointed ways: he came to done with the mid-range at any price. Sought to create a mobile balanced with the best price-quality ratio on the market and go if you have done it, today I bring the review full of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, the maximum exponent of the average range.

From here, you can read my full opinion, specifications and details with hairs and signals. I have used it for a while, and I already advance that I liked (and much).

full review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 after several months of use

The first thing to what you have to take the glove is to your specifications to give you the idea of what you have:

  • Design: 158.6 x 75.40 x 8.05 mm and a weight of 180 grams. Manufacturing in metal with the upper parts in plastic for better connectivity. Unibody.
  • Screen: 5,99-inch format 18:9, resolution Full HD+ and 450 nits of brightness.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 636 to 1.8 GHz, its graphics is the Adreno 506.
  • RAM and storage: Multiple versions 3, 4, or 6 GB of RAM. The last two come with 64 GB storage, 3 GB RAM (my unit) with 32 GB.
  • rear Camera: Dual-sensor 12 MP and 5 MP with f/2.2 and f/2.0 respectively. LED Flash and EIS. Here you can know the differences between the optical stabilizer and electronic.
  • front Camera: Sensor of 13 MP.
  • Battery: nothing more and nothing less than 4000 mAh.
  • Connectivity: Micro USB, Jack 3.5 mm band and 800 in the Global Version.
  • Software: MIUI 9 upgradable to MIUI 10.

as you can see there is little that we can attribute to this mobile from Xiaomi. Best of all, its price is surprising for all it gives us, are you ready?

the design of The Redmi Note 5 is a continuation, yes, but very nice

The metal gives it a good mobile and Xiaomi knows it. If you’ve taken any time a Redmi Note 4 you will know how is the metal back and how well you feel, the only thing that has really changed is the layout of the rear camera and… little more. The front is really impressive thanks to its screen, and quality of overall construction is very good, conveys a sense of quality although without reaching the level of others.

The two upper parts are plastic but not give faith of it. In general, you can’t be blamed too much. At the bottom is the Micro USB, speaker and microphone. Upstairs has loved Jack of 3.5 in the back, the fingerprint reader and the camera, which protrudes more than I’d like.

6-inch Screen without frames, do something more?

Xiaomi and the panels 6 inches without frames are very good. I would not be surprised that half of his catalogue of the mid-range down to take the same panel and do not, it is not a bad thing. In general, accompanying the price. Consume content on a screen so large the truth is that it gives taste. Of resolution it’s not going anything wrong, it is Full HD+.

yes, I’ve put it side by side with my Xiaomi Mi 5 and the colors are somewhat muted and both are IPS. Not is if will be a thing of the calibration of MIUI (use a Custom ROM on My 5) but are we missing something more than color. In terms of the maximum brightness I’ve not noticed anything unusual in full sun, is not the brightest but he defends himself well.

One of the best yields for this price

Here we find a good processor for a mid-range, the Snapdragon 636 8 cores. It is 40 percent faster than its predecessor, so that as I advance that you’re not going to have any kind of problem. My version is 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage and that I can, it’s a real bullet. Today there is a game in the Play Store that will resist.

Its 3 GB of RAM are quite in the middle but I recommend the version 4, sometimes falls a bit short in the multi-tasking.

What to say from MIUI to these heights

This mobile comes with MIUI 9.5 on Android Oreo upgradable to MIUI 10 and is a classic. A layer is really smooth and, if well habituate in the beginning, the little time you do it.

despite that, I am personally not comfortable with MIUI, I can’t deny that it has improved a lot. In addition, it is really fast and the feeling it leaves is very good so with a hardware bottom. If you are more advanced it is one of the terminals with more community to date. you Have many ROMs to choose from and you can include Android Stock in less than what sings a rooster.

4000 mAh of battery, achieving what others can’t

¿Two days of intensive use on a mid-range? MIUI + Snapdragon 636 + 4000 mAh battery achieve without too much effort. If it is the best mid-range in how much battery it says, imagine the change of scarce 3000 mAh of My 5.

Spend the 7-8 hours of active screen without too much effort, so imagine what I’m talking about. Yes, the loading is quite slow and used to Quick Charge 3.0 the truth is that you take it with patience. All this with the charger that comes with.

3 cameras that give you an experience of exemplary user

If I say that this mobile phone has the best camera in your price I would be getting it wrong. At least it would be very close but the truth is that impressed of what he is capable of. As you can see above has a dual camera of 12 + 5 MP for the rear and a sensor of 13 MP for the front.

In regard to the detail of the photograph there is little that cannot be accused. manages pretty well in all situations and, with good light, no one would say that is worth so little money. The auto focus that has the truth is that I have been surprised and in addition to its white balance (although sometimes goes a bit) leaves us with a good taste in your mouth. His portrait also gives us all I can ask for and even something more.

Now we come to the key section of… photos with lack of light. does very well, to deceive us. Very good detail, good use of Flash, and without too much noise. The front camera makes the workaround even though the night… well, better take the mobile of your friend.


One of the most important things in the video is its stabilizer. In this case you bring one electronic that, although we like the one optical, the way in which it works is impressive. Works 10 and makes the video look made with a Gimbal.

The level of detail is very good though night if it is not perfect and leaves some noise. In any case, there is nothing wrong, nor can he be asking for pears from an elm tree.

general Conclusion about the Redmi Note 5

If you’ve read the analysis, you already know more or less my opinion: the best mid-range today. Obviously this depends on the price at which you buy although you’re out of luck. Just down here what you have to buy at a very good price, what are you waiting?

far from expected to have so much power, camera and battery these prices. Simply plated by Xiaomi.

strong Points and to improve

The best thing of this mobile are quite a few things:

  • Hardware: for this price brings an SoC very solid and a very good configuration of RAM and storage.
  • Cameras: although it sticks out more than I’d like the results they give are very good, not to mention its image stabilizer electronic.
  • Battery: 4000 mAh dan for a lot of, I give faith. Yes, a fast charge would be nice.
  • Design: just to be better than the PocoPhone F1 already deserves to be here.
  • Development: has been sold and if you are changing ROMS, and others you will like the community tiene.


  • Micro USB: needless to say, a Type C would have been yours.
  • Software: should update more often but this is a personal issue between MIUI and I.
  • ¿NFC?: Are missing but it is not a reason not to buy it.

¿did you like this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5? What you have or you are planning to buy it in the future?

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