Analysis of Pokémon GO after 3 days of play

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We’ve been 3 days playing Pokémon and GO. Today is the fourth, and we will tell you our experience with the game these days, to know the best and worst of Pokémon GO. We are dealing with a game that is raising passions, and who is the most downloaded on Android and iOS, or the creators themselves envisioned so many downloads, and simultaneous players pulling the servers. This Pokémon GO is a success, a boom and we want to try it.

Pokémon GO is a past, and in this review we are going to tell you our experience in these 3 days, to give you an idea of the scope of the game and decide whether to try it or not. Here we go!

Pokemon Go Gameplay

Review Pokémon GO, the best and the worst

The best of Pokémon GO

  • The essence of Pokémon without a doubt, is what we like the most of the game. If you grew up with Pokémon, you’re going to impress. I that I am 24 years old, yes I grew up as a Pokémon, bringing the Pokémon blue, and yellow everywhere on my GameBoy. For now, you’ll be able to relive your childhood but carrying Pokémon in the mobile (and soon to be on the bracelet Pokémon GO Plus).
  • Catch all of the Pokémon to complete the Pokédex. If you never got it, now is the time for you to do so. Yes, you will need to move a lot and go to sites of water, mountains… to find all kinds of Pokémon.
  • Is great to be able to customize the character as in the old days.
  • Poképaradas are a past, you will be very hooked.
  • If you work the chamber RA is also a pass. In the Nexus 5 we tested it and it goes of luxury. You’ll be able to see the Pokémon in augmented reality when you hold it.
  • it Is easy and very entertaining. It’s a simple game of truth, to any age. It can cost a bit at the beginning to catch Pokémon, but it’s a matter of getting used to.

it Is clear that in general (except the problems), all is good, but has some small “glitch” greater than we see below.

The worst of Pokémon GO

  • The problems that we are suffering at the moment with the GPS, location… servers being down. You can see here the problems and solutions. We know that it is a matter of time, therefore, we should not have too much in mind right now. The game just landed still for APK, and there is still time left until you are stable.
  • Consumes a lot of battery Pokémon GO, you will notice that it requires data and GPS. It is quite.
  • Pay to win. We never got rid of pay in the games. If you want to enjoy more Pokéball, eggs, incense and others, you will need coins. The game is free, so that we could not have micro-payments to leverage the experience of the game.
  • you can’t play from home, for many users it is a against the game, because at home if you do not move the game does not work. To me it appeared a Pokémon in the room, but only once. It is a game that forces you to get out much. Others however, are great to play before you sleep or after you eat.

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Conclusion: what is the best game?

I I think I’ll stick with Clash Royale. But time will tell. I’ve been since January hooked to the great success of Supercell and can’t stop playing, especially now that there are tournaments. We’ll see if with the time, Pokémon GO is able to overcome it for many users addicted to Clash.

what do you like most about the Pokémon GO? You can on these days in the comments.

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