Already is available the new Bluetooth 5, double speed and quadruple scope

Bluetooth 5.0

When we talk about wireless communications then we come to head the most well-known and used all over the world, as the Bluetooth, infrared, Wifi or mobile networks we both use on a daily basis, that is why the breakthrough in this type of technology is a reality and is growing more and more.

One of the communications of this kind more important is the Bluetooth and although many people may think to the contrary is a fact. In addition with the present and future removal of the headset jack this connection will greatly increase its importance and we will not be able to access many of the features or functions that we use every day without your help.

Bluetooth 5 is already available

that Is why today has been presented Bluetooth 5, although this does not mean that you can now find devices that support this connection. manufacturers already have free reign to implement it in their electronic devices and it is hoped that 2017 see many devices that support the new connection.


Bluetooth 5 consists of a improved version of the above, especially in the energy issue as it is designed to make communications so cheap between nearby devices. The new version comes a good time because the the Internet of things is booming and the technology Bluetooh wants to be crowned as the way of communication defect between the devices.

When we can begin to see the

new version of the Bluetooth connection has been launched today and from this moment all the manufacturers that make up the Bluetooth Special Interest Group can implement it in their devices.


And there are few manufacturers who are within this group, since it is formed by more than 30,000 and therefore it would not be surprising that early or mid 2017 to see the first devices released with the new version of the protocol.

Improvements to the Bluetooth 5

fifth version of the Bluetooth connection intended to increase all their features trying not to also increase their energy consumption. That is why with the new version we will have four times more powerful to be able to connect devices that are further away, although we will also enjoy a double-speed data transmission.


But this is not all, the available bandwidth that we have when using Bluetooth 5 is multiplied by eight so that we can convey information more quickly and smoothly, so that it could become a form of communication more stable than the current one.

What will happen with the current devices?

For this part there is no need to worry about it since the new version can be used perfectly in the devices that we have currently, although as it is logical, we will not be able to enjoy all the improvements that we offer.

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so when buying a device such as a headset with Bluetooth 5 it will be important to inform us if our smartphone also has, since if this is not so, the speed and range will be reduced to the lowest version.

What do you think Bluetooth 5? What will be the default connection of the Internet of things?

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