All you need to know about Daydream, the virtual reality of Google

Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre Daydreamfor a long time that we’ve been talking about one of the creations of Google called Daydream. Even so, we believe that it is of interest aunaros all the information mostrándoos what is a Daydream, the phones that are compatible with it, the applications which we may use and their availability.

What is Daydream?

Is a device with which Google will try to enter fully into the overview of the augmented reality and virtual. If we focus on its characteristics we find several things.

on the one hand, we can see that it has been decided to use a tissue in order to develop the body of the device, which will be available in a number of different colors. In addition, you will have a strap to adjust it to our head to be able to view the content with total comfort.

it Is noteworthy that this device you’ll need a smartphone between 4.7 and 6 inches to be able to be used. In addition, this smartphone will have to be compatible with DayDream, then we will discuss what are the requirements for our phone is compatible.

Along with the Daydream, in addition, will come including a small remote control, which allow us to interact with the interface of the system, and will make use of a motion control system. All of this will allow us to enjoy an improved experience, especially in the section of the games.

Requirements for our smartphone is compatible with Daydream

Google has made a lot of emphasis on the requirements that you must comply with our phone that is compatible with Daydream, since it will have an optimal experience with the new device. Below we describe in detail these requirements:

  • At least two physical cores required.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth LE Data Length Extension.

  • Screen of Full HD resolution or very preferably of 2K resolution (1440 pixels).

  • The screen of our phone should have between 4.7 and 6 inches, in addition to being able to cool off in VR mode at 60 Hz.

  • Mandatory the presence of a low-persistence, with less than 5 milliseconds of persistence, understood as persistence and the time that a pixel is emitting light.

  • A latency screen that change from Grey-to-Grey, White-to-black and Black-to-White in less than 3 milliseconds.

  • Obligatory compatibility with a mode performance.

  • Mandatory support of OpenGL 3.2.

  • Mandatory the implementation of technology Vulkan Hardware of level 0 and should withstand Vulkan Hardware level 1.

  • Mandatory the implementation of sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre DaydreamTo more information on this subject I refer you to the article that is already published on the requirements for a smartphone to be compatible with Daydream.

Smartphones that already are compatible with Daydream

despite these stringent requirements, that it seems almost impossible to have smartphones compatible with Daydream, we have to say that if there are some that yes they are. These compatible phones are:

  • Google Pixel

  • ZTE Axon 7

  • Huawei Mate 9

Apps and games for Daydream

Among the applications that we can use our Daydream are the classic Google, but enhanced to offer a virtual reality experience. Since we told you about in one of our articles of how these applications were being prepared to be used with Daydream. Such applications are:

  • Google Photos

  • Google Play Movies

  • Google Street View

  • YouTube VR

  • Google Arts & Culture

in Addition, it also presents us with a wide array of games and other applications with which to enjoy the virtual reality.

  • Wonderglade

  • WSJ VR (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Danger Goat (Not Free)

  • Underworld

  • VR Karts

  • Hunter Gates (Not Free)

  • Mekorama

  • Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes (Not Free)

  • PolyRunner VR

Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre Daydream

When and where to buy Daydream

it Is true that even is not available to buy in Spain, but we do know that when it is available it will be a price of 69 euros. Despite the fact that our country is not available, yes it is in other places and Google offers us a list of where it is already available and its selling price.

general rule we will find available at Google Store, although it is also marketed in other places. In short, the places in which they are sold currently are:

  • the united States at a price of $ 79.

  • Canada at a price of $ 99.

  • Uk at a price of 69 pounds.

  • Germany at a price of 69 euros.

  • Australia at a price of 119 dollars.

Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre DaydreamThis is all that I can show up the moment of everything related to Daydream of Google.

What do you think about this device? What I would do with it or not?

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