All the differences between the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and the Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new Redmi Note 7 officially, and we can’t deny that it looks great. Seems to be an evolution in terms but… is There much difference as to change one or the other? If you ever wondered’re in the right place, in this article compare it with the Redmi Note 6 Pro to see all their differences.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 vs Redmi Note 6 Pro, is it worth it to change one or the other?

The first thing to do is to leave you with a small table summarizing the key features of both mobile phones. It is one of the best ways to see the differences between them, ¿preparado?

Redmi Note 6
Redmi Note 7
Dimensions and weight 157.9 x 76.4 x 8.3 mm, 182 grams. 159.21×75.21×8.1 mm, 186 gramos.
Pantalla 6,26″ Full HD+ with facial recognition in its notch. 6.3″ Full HD+ with notch in the form of a drop of water.
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.
RAM 3/4/6 GB 3/4/6 GB
Storage 32 OR 64 GB 32 or 64 GB
Cámaras Trasera: Dual 12 MP + 5 MP with f/1.9, EIS and Dual LED Flash.
Front: 20 MP.
Rear: Dual 48 + 5 MP with AI, f/1.8, EIS and Dual LED Flash.
Front: 13 MP.
Conectividad Micro USB USB Type-C
Battery 4000 mAh. 4000 mAh quick charge Quick Charge 4+.

One of the things that we liked has been the change of material of construction. Has past metal glass with colors in gradient that, frankly, we love it. The notch has also been reduced to get a front minimalistic and beautiful.

The evolution within the hardware either has not been overwhelming. We from a 636 to a Snapdragon 660 (more powerful and efficient). The RAM storage and has never been the same, nor need more than that. The battery stays in a very respectable 4000 mAh battery while the Redmi Note 7 we have USB Type-C, by order.

In the house we have moved to a sensor 48 MP accompanied one of 5 MP. we’ll Have to see how in hand but it seems that it will be one of the best in this range and certainly superior to its predecessor.


to Change from one to the other is not worth, the jump is not so big. What we can say is that the Xiaomi Redmi Note, 7 is a better buy home than its predecessor, and, above all, with its low price of output.

¿Which of the two you like more? Do you think that is an evolution of conditions? Before we leave I remember that from here you can buy the brand new My 8 at the best price 😉

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