All the bugs of Clash Royale

Clash Royale

In this article we will make a collection of all the bugs that we have found in the Clash Royale, both, we find we like you, so you get a list well long for developers to put solution. These bugs can happen for many reasons, many of them strange and circumstantial, so that to solve them would be virtually impossible. Here we go:

5 bugs of Clash Royale

clash royale no pasa del 50 solucion

  • The game hangs for a few seconds. This is the worst thing, when we are in a battle and suddenly the game is frozen still for a few seconds. This may be a bug, but it’s also our fault, our connection or device. For many users, it happens on all Android and have good connection and good mobile, for what that being might as well be a bug.
  • Game-winning 3 crowns and tie. I lived one of these games live and the other I saw on YouTube, two users who are tied because they won 3 crowns just at the same time. The truth that this happens is impressive, and yes it is a draw because you don’t really win any if this is so, but that happens at the exact moment it is very complicated.
  • Double montapuerco or (double letter on the battle). Many times we see double montapuerco or any other card on the board, however, in the repetition is not seen. This has happened many times and we have no explanation for what happened.
  • do Cards that are not going to where they should be? If we throw a lot of right a letter, we will be able to dodge some of the buildings. But it sometimes happens that the letter is not going where it should, when at other times it does. For example, there is a construction and that the balloon does not stand in the way.
  • does Expulsion from the clan by mistake? This kind of messages have come to many users of the clans and it was just a mistake. We don’t know yet if it is a bug of the game or a problem with the clan.

is Not a bug but annoying

That the clashes are not at all fair. Both touch a level 7 as a level 10 and the difference is abysmal even if you have the same trophies.

we will Continue to investigate these problems and bugs of Clash Royale. The more fat certainly is when the game crashes, gets quite a bad mood.

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In this article, we will compiling all the bugs of Clash Royale that both you and we are going to encounter. What have you found to add to the list? Use comments to contárnoslos and we will add it to the list.

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