All mobile Xiaomi will Android Walk and Oreo

Xiaomi has posted a list that we really wanted to see in an official way. The updates are one of the things that add up and just today they have posted something really important. The list with the names of all their mobile phones that will have Android Pie and Oreo is here and from this article you can know all the details.

Before you continue you should remember that the other day I have the Android One from Xiaomi that they would have Android P. If you have this operating system please do not hesitate to take a look.

What smartphones Xiaomi will have Android Pie and Oreo?

All of these models in principle are adapted to the different operating systems from December 2018. that Is to say, the models that you can see in the image below with a “P” are those that, in theory, would come the latest version of Android at the end of this year (My 8 Explorer Edition, Mix 2S, My Max 3 with a certain preference in front of others).

In a somewhat confusing, you are not going to fool, but you can understand easily. Some models are preparing for Android Oreo 8.1 and the topic of Foot… is something further than his brothers. Ultimately it is hoped that the brand update before their more expensive models that the more inexpensive although they should also not be forgotten.

Xiaomi has announced that all phones that have not been named must pass by two versions of Android at least. have Not insured anything, but will do everything possible to do a good job. If you do not like MIUI and the updates are a priority for you can the Xiaomi Mi A2 and their software Google you worth.

“xiaomi has said he will do everything possible to make your mobile get the latest version launched by google”

¿Is your mobile phone in this list or is being one of the forgotten and do not have a date? Do you think they make enough on the subject of updates, or they have left much room for improvement? don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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