Advantage! OnePlus will pay for your old mobile if you buy the new OnePlus 5

If your plans was to buy the new terminal of the Chinese firm (OnePlus 5) but were waiting to sell your mobile phone to be able to make the jump, surely this information will serve. what OnePlus has gone crazy?, in reality is not, in our opinion, it is an interesting change, what is this?, what plans the Chinese company, is to do something that many companies make when they launch to market a new mobile phone, is a strategy of marketing highly recommended.

How does it work?, first you have to take into account that OnePlus will get all the old mobile (all brands), whether Android or iOS. How do you do? The company has enabled on their official website for a program called Trade-in, that is about to change your old mobile for cash and so you’ll be able to change it for the OnePlus 5, yes, offers different sums of money depending on the team you have.

How can I change my mobile to OnePlus?

trade in

As we have mentioned, the program is called Trade-in, but How does it work?, the company gives you money depending on the mobile you own (yes, the mobile has to be in good condition), something very important that you have to keep in mind is that Trade-in will only work for 5 months and for the moment, only is directed to the european countries.

By example, the people that have the famous OnePlus 3T, a while ago we had talked that will not be sold in Europe or the terminals such as the Samsung Glaxy S7 EDGE, and want to buy the OnePlus 5, the Chinese company offered 150 euros for the mobile, in contrast to the users who have the iPhone 7 Plus will offer you up to 300 euros. it Is true, do not provide the real amount of what they are worth, and you may in the market sell for a better price.

however, the above does not mean that we do not support the initiative of OnePlus. Therefore, we can receive the money to purchase the OnePlus 5 from their official website, What does this mean?, that is to say, just take the first step to buying the OnePlus 5, it will be a period of 2 to 6 weeks for our terminal old is turned over and there, we will receive the money provided in our account or any account that you have registered on the page.

on the other hand, we can receive the money in form of credit to the official store What do you mean?, we will have to fill out a form (Appears on the web), and then, you will receive a coupon valued at the amount of money that you have purchased the terminal, it is worth to emphasize, that , you can use it as you please at the official store of OnePlus.

Is it profitable to sell you the mobile old to OnePlus?

From our point of view, is not very profitable to say. It is true, the sums of money that they offer, are well below what they are really worth the mobile on the second hand market. But on the other hand, it is interesting what they have to offer, as if for example, you have the time offering your mobile phone and nobody will buy it, with this measure you will be able to sell it in a two-by-three.

in Addition, give you the opportunity to save a bit of money at the time of purchasing the flagship of the Chinese company. do You dare to change your mobile old for 150 euros?, we want to know what is your opinion about this new program from OnePlus to purchase the mighty OnePlus 5.

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