Activate Internet Without WIFI with WhatsApp Free of charge: The new hoax

WhatsApp is a platform that is well used but is in addition used to communicate messages “important” is also used to distribute thousands of hoaxes via the network. Yes, in WhatsApp there are so many hoaxes that we could fill a section every day with this. Few days ago we saw the hoax of the lost grandfather and it is true that it has had a lot of success.

Usually only draw the hoaxes more extended but this last, of course, is one of the most ingenious although it seems to us very difficult to chop. The hoax says something like: Activate the Internet Without WIFI with WhatsApp Free. Obviously this is not very possible or technically but the hoax is informed and wants to steal your data as the others.

Bulo WhatsApp Internet gratis sin wifi

A new thymus, activate the internet for free through WhatsApp

Behind the majority of hoaxes is usually to be the typical hacker of turn that you want to remove a few monedillas by fooling the users. Already we have to warn you that you should not believe anything that you send by WhatsApp and we we are going to explain how works the hoax.

The message that comes through from a contact, is the following:

“you can activate the Internet Without WIFI with Whatsapp Free, and by to invitations, here’s your invitation!”. The hoax contains a link to the url for activation-online.

The hoax is very similar to the one that gave the Internet this christmas but it is different. Once you click on the link you will see that you can share the message with 13 contacts before you activate free Internet (which, obviously, is a lie).

once you do so, and share the message with the 13 contacts asked you (so that you can all do the same thing that your and spreading fast) as you can see the typical fake SMS to activate the Internet for free and that’s always what we usually see in this type of hoaxes.

worst of all is that the hoax is very well done (irony) but the people that does not control the issue until you will see a section of comments (false) where people say it goes perfect and that you have managed to activate.

All of these reviews are more fake than a ticket of 1000 euros and therefore we want to share these articles with everyone you know so they do not fall into the trap, you can move it by WhatsApp, we do not want to infect anyone, only we don’t want to bite on this type of hoaxes the users with less knowledge of the new technologies.

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