According to Google Play, these are the 3 best applications of the story

If when you view the list you are surprised because you can’t find that app you both use, as it does not think evil. The selection that we’re going to show you here was made by the editors from Google Play, and it was on the basis of those tools that not everyone knows and that are extremely useful as they.

don’t expect to find applications like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, have been left out of that kind of utilities to be able to offer apps that are not “well known” so to speak.

3 apps chosen by Google Play

Before you begin with the list, it is necessary to clarify that all of these applications are free. So we could say that Google knows how to choose apps for their users.

Here WeGo – GPS, Metro & Bus

Considered as the best browser of GPS without a connection to the Internet that exist for Android, Here WeGo is used by millions of people in the world. In a nutshell, is a free app that will allow you to navigate through the city easily and with routes detailed guides with instructions step by step and without the need of having to use the Internet to be able to navigate the maps.

Memrise: learn languages

If you want to learning new language but don’t want to bother with the professors and the boring drills, as Memrise is an option that you have to take into account. The same allows you to learn several languages with fun exercises not to make you fall asleep, as often happens in courses of foreign languages. The languages that you can learn with this application are the following: English, French, German, japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Waze – GPS, Maps, traffic Alerts and Navigation

With enough time in the world of mobile devices, Waze has been able to win the hearts of all the users who use it. This tool informs you if there are any problem on the route that you’re following to go to the place indicated on the map. You could say that it is one of the best applications in navigation GPS in car is concerned.

As you may have been able to observe, among the three applications chosen by Google Play there are two utilities related to GPS navigation. This tells us first hand that Android users depend on a lot of that kind of utilities.

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