A virtual reality game helps diagnose alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Games for mobile there are many. In Google Play you can download greatest hits Pok√©mon GO, Clash Royale or Fortnite, including the recently-launched Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Applications that serve to spend good moments and, even, for discover security flaws in Android. But certain apps and games using the data of the users to investigate things, how to diagnose alzheimer’s or dementia.

it Is Hero Quest is a game for mobile devices that helps scientists to collect data on dementia and alzheimer’s disease, and with your version of the game to actually time them offers 15 times more information. The game helps scientists to developer a new way of diagnosing dementia in its early stages, as reported in your time from the BBC.

virtual reality is becoming a success in the field of science, since it is used regularly to conduct all kinds of research. Mar HeroQuest VR, the virtual-reality version of the famous game, came last year to Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift and serves to collect and analyze data on dementia as part of the research experiment the world’s largest on the disease.

A game that helps to diagnose dementia

The original game, which has been downloaded over 3 million times, exists as a free mobile app and was created to find a way of detecting dementia in its early stages. However, version for virtual reality generates 15 times more data, according to Max Scott-Slade, one of the developers. The mechanics of the game are simple, the user gets into the skin of a captain of a boat that navigates the seas, chasing creatures.

The idea came due to that the first things that patients with dementia lose is the ability to navigate. With the game data is collected by recording the actions the player is taking, and the length of time you spend looking. Quickly and directly, in just two minutes, the game offers scientists information that is equivalent to five hours of research in a laboratory.

The virtual reality and video games have been used on more than one occasion to help improve the health. The technology helps patients to recover, for example, of accidents. With the version for a virtual reality game may help the millions of people who suffer from this disease and to diagnose it in its early stages. Although it has passed some time already, you can read the full investigation here.

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