A few renders of the new Nexus leave us a design of 10

Nexus 5P imagenes

We have seen a few renders filtered by a user, on how it would be the design of the new Nexus. It is said that they can share design, being of HTC, but for now, this design is more like what we know that will be the new Nexus 5S for the 2016, Sailfish. A mobile device more compact in size and that could be more simple in design in the case of non-identical (which I wish it to be).

This user of Reddit, we have been surprised, because the design of these new Nexus is spectacular. It is precisely what we expect to see in the new Nexus. A design is simple, elegant and bright. Reminds a little of the Nexus 6P (how nice), unlike the Honor 5X filtering days ago that we were wrong.

Nexus 5P

Nexus 5P 2016: Images

This design is a rumor on the basis of what is known, trusted sources.

we See an amazing design, with a rear surprising that we see a change of color, a shock of contrasts of grey and black that looks really attractive. It is a terminal rounded, and the front is rather like what we currently have in the market with Nexus 5 and Nexus 6S. The G of Google is a hoot in the upper part, though as you say, it’s a rumor so that a user knows the terminal.

See rear camera (no dual camera). Yes sensor footprints as we hope. And a elegant aluminum body.

Could share design

In principle, if HTC manufactures 2 Nexus 2016 could be the same in design, different on the inside. The main are on the screen, 5-inch vs 5.5-inch for the Nexus 6S 2016, in addition to more power and more battery power as it is normal. I do Not like anything that you download the 5.7-inch Nexus 6P 2016.

The design is spectacular. To see if soon we see official images.

What do you think?

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