A bug Pokémon GO converts the Pokémon into giants

Bug Pokémon Go gigantes

saga Pokémon has a problem with the sizes: if the first sizes of the creatures of the world of Pokémon: the Sun and Moon were too small, now a bug in Pokémon GO will cause the Pokémon to be displayed to giant size. Despite the fact that the developer of both games is different-Pokémon: the Sun and Moon is developed by Game Freak, while the Pokémon GO is developed by Niantic-.

bug only appear after using the function Buddy. The function of Buddy is the one that allows us to choose a creature to accompany us as we walk. This allows us, for example, that the Pokémon chosen to evolve thanks to a series of goodies that will be getting while we walk. This update is included in one of the updates in mid-September of this same year.

bug is being massively reported by numerous users on Twitter. While it is true that very uncomfortable to walk with a Buddy this way, many of the users that are reporting the error claim that it doesn’t bother them at all, or even some are coming to reiterate that it is the best day of their lives -of course we would be talking of users, most fans-.

Bug Pokemon Go gigantes

Some of the creatures extra-large are as big as the map. Some even go out of the map, so that you do not get to be of full form.

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is Not the first bug that hits the Pokémon GO, possibly the best Android game of the year. Have already been other errors that have arisen in the application of Niantic. Developers tabajan hard to ensure that this does not happen, but it is normal that always sneaks in some error, and it is that Niantic is doing things the best you can.

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