8 Tricks to sleep thanks to your mobile phone

Many people suffer from insomnia, something that should be treated and who should not be “cured” with pills. However, there are things that help to fall asleep. For this reason, in this article we are going to talk to you about 8 Tricks to sleep thanks to your mobile. There are many apps for Android that help you to sleep, as well as other tricks that today we will tell you in this article.

Studies claim that 2 out of every 5 people claim to have insomnia. There are many users that spend hours and hours unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling and all the nights the same. On many occasions, it is because they have many things in mind, for this reason, you must try to clear it, chat with someone to fix problems or attempt to escape from the concerns.


8 Tricks to sleep thanks to your mobile

These are some of the tricks / apps to get it:

  • Napflix. A week ago we spoke of Napflix, an application of nap to Android. We could define it as the “Netflix for your nap.” With Napflix you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite content free fast and from your smartphone. You already know that watching films, series and others, gives sleep. Especially if you’re lying, of course. So to use applications, type Napflix or YouTube you will be more than helpful to have access to animated content, that will help you to sleep.
  • Music. You’ll be able to use the app for music you want. From YouTube to Spotify. Even take your iPod or any tool that you use today to listen to music. From the mobile, any app of music you will be a must-have if you like. The music will help you to clear the mind and be much more quiet, so you get to sleep.
  • the brightness of the screen. Normally the high brightness bothers you and put it to a minimum. This for a part is okay, but the ideal is to put the screen in night mode, so that will bother you even less and you can go to sleep while you are using it).
  • Games. Any game type Clash Royale, entertaining, will help you to go to bed earlier. The games that you tired, make you want to leave the phone and get to sleep. But careful, if you’re wide awake and you’re hooked to the game, you could not sleep at all. Usually the games are the key to falling asleep, because they entertain quite a bit.
  • Download apps. do you Know that do things, get tired and sleepy? Many users take advantage of the nights to download apps they didn’t know. You can search Google, Play Store and write to us about the apps you would like to have for your phone and that it is possible that you do not know.

Games, movies, series, everything is worth to stay K. O

Angry Birds Holiday JuegoBut this is not all, because here we go with a collection of applications that will help you to sleep: All of these apps are free for Android, we have tested and certainly not to waste any. You’ll be able to install them on your smartphone.

Some apps to sleep

The application Relax Melodies includes ambient sounds to help you relax and fall asleep. One of the best apps with relaxing sounds for Android. You even have the option of alarm and timer. It is one of the essential apps that I recommend installing to get to sleep more easy and relaxed, the night you sit better. Has of note 4.4. Awesome.

WP-Appbox: Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga (Free+, Google Play) →

app Sleepmaker Rain allows you to sleep before listening to tones of rain different. You’ll be able to enjoy many sounds of rain different. We recommend you also download. It has a 3,9 of note.

WP-Appbox: Sleepmaker Rain (Free, Google Play) →

The application of Relaxation Meditation: Sleep Yoga, it is surprising because enjoy and hear the typical sounds of chinese flute, bells and much more. You also have the option of alarm and timer. It is one of the apps most complete and interesting. Like the first, it has a 4.4 of note. Are apps perfectly complementary. This app is perfect to make yoga even.

WP-Appbox: Relaxation Meditation: Sleep Yoga (Free+, Google Play) →

Android-helps you sleep better

you see that the smartphone helps you sleep. If it is not with movies, is with music or soothing sounds. Depends on the age and also tastes. But we hope that you have enough material to get to sleep. Always looking for some entertainment that will help to eliminate the concerns, that are becoming more prevalent in people of any age.

Movies, series, music, apps, games… everything is worth to stay asleep.

do you Know of any app that is perfect for sleep? do Not hesitate on these days in the comments.

The post 8 Tricks to sleep thanks to your mobile

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