8 tricks that will allow you to use Android safely

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to Keep our smartphone safe may not be the first thing that we pass by the head when we buy a new phone, but what is certain is that there are a lot of personal information (usually) in your terminal and that requires that you take precautions to protect it.

Is easy for someone to attack a mobile Android or extract information a phone is lost or stolen, that is why taking precautions is never over, and then we’re going to make a small list with the methods necessary to keep your phone safe.

Actualizar Galaxy S6 a Android 5.1.1

to Update the phone

despite the fact that many of the updates do not arrive to some phones it is necessary update with all that out of way officer. If a terminal is left without support until it can be interesting to install a ROM alternative and enjoy of updates that otherwise would not have come.

Google Now provides security patches monthly on Android and protection against malicious attacks has improved, but these updates coming to a few phones though if you buy a Nexus, yes you will enjoy them.

Use a lock screen and scanner of fingerprints

it May surprise you but a third of Android users do not protect your mobile with a lock screen. The lock screen is necessary, but if you have a scanner of fingerprints, the task is simplified, while improving the security, this is efficient and fast to unlock the terminal.

to Use a secure password

Along with the protection of access to basic as can be the lock screen or the fingerprint reader it is best to put a secure password to the Google account with alphanumeric characters, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

A password long and combined ensures that it is difficult to be guessed and deciphered by complex algorithms, if a password is unsafe or is very related to you is easier to hit. Either use your password or related to one another in other accounts. Sometimes the authentication in two steps can be useful but SMS verification is insecure, this is being changed by other different methods.

Malware en Android

Not to use markets outside of Google Play or APKs from unreliable sources

When we recommend a APK in howtochoosealaptop we take the time to verify that it is safe and has no security issues but there are markets alternatives to Google Play that compromise our security and unreliable sources that provide APKs infected.

to Use the device Manager Android

Android offers by default an ADA that allows to access the account remotely and delete information, block the terminal or place it. It is useful to theft or loss.

This ADA required to carry the GPS enabled as it can’t be activated remotely but it is not so much problem to take it activated because if you’re not using an application, of positioning this does not consume battery power and in case of loss of the terminal or theft we will be able to locate it, but it has been turned off.

Administrar permisos Woxter

to Understand the permissions of apps

Manage permissions it is sometimes difficult to and you must understand what permissions you need an app and what permissions does not. Reliable applications sometimes use excessive permissions and they are reliable but other times it’s an app less well-known you can use too many permissions without you knowing.

The permissions of the applications was not something that we could manage in older versions of Android but in Marshmallow we can see what you use and it is sometimes necessary to disable or not to accept some of them that the application works equally and without problems.

Use backups

Protect the terminal it is vital to but make sure that you have nothing to lose also, sometimes an online backup can ensure that we do not lose anything. Use Google services to sync your contacts, photos, etc, You will not lose anything in case of catastrophe.

There are many services that allow you to make backup copies even though they are not of the terminal to the full, services as Dropbox or Skydrive allows us to make copies of documents, photos and a lot of folders selected in a specific way, sometimes when we lose the terminal, we lose a lot of information and we have to work around this problem.

to Encrypt the phone

you Should know that Android allows you to encrypt the micro SD and also to encrypt the phone. Encryption helps us that no one can extract information from our terminal without the key or correct password.

This means that Android will be slower in the boot because you will have to decrypt the terminal but it will give a plus of security is very important and will not affect the normal use of the device. In theory on Android 6.0 Marshmallow this is enabled by default and cannot be disabled on some phones.

These 8 tips you will not have because to use them but if you do, you’ll be every time more secure and safe, not only prevents you from stealing information but you will also be able to avoid the miss, something is sometimes more important than the theft of information that would not be valuable to anyone.

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