70% of users of Galaxy Note7 will continue at Samsung, according to the latest study

galaxy-note-7-usuariosunless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few weeks, sure you’ve heard of all the uproar that has formed after the problems of fires and explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note7. The technology giant has had serious problems to manage the way of a device that, after being removed once from the market, has had to be permanently withdrawn after it fails to find a solution.

Samsung has tried to save the sales of the terminal by removing the first batch and sending users to a few devices supposedly modified that they had come to put an end to the problems of explosions. But despite having been for weeks investigating the matter, the device continued the same problems.

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Samsung will withstand the storm caused by the Galaxy Note7

, The problems of the Galaxy Note7 have not only stained the image of the Korean giant, but they have also led to lost sales in the millions. But despite all these setbacks, a new report from Baystreet indicates that there might be a glimmer of hope for Samsung after the explosive chaos. According to the report, 70% of the owners of the Galaxy Note7 will continue relying on Samsung and will probably buy a smartphone of the brand in the future.

galaxy-note-7-usuarios-2The same report continued with your conclusions and question how many users of the Galaxy Note7 could abandon the Android ecosystem in favor of the iPhone 7 Plus. The answer is, as indicated from XDA Developers, very few.

Baystreet found that despite the fact that it happened, the owners of the Galaxy know that they have a device that comes from a quality brand and it is unlikely that there is a change of side. In fact, according to the study conducted by Baystreet, only 15% of users Note7 would change to an iOS device.

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on the other hand, other information from CCS Insight points out that the technology giant will be able to withstand easily the storm of financial damage and reputation that has caused the problems with the Galaxy Note7. For the moment, the incident with the explosive smartphone seems to be an isolated incident between the Samsung products but any disaster in the future could lead to the end of manufacturing of mobile devices for the company.

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