7 tricks to be the best in Brawl Stars

Although not technically a strategy game like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, the MOBA fashion and one of the most popular games of the year 2019, requires some skill and technique to reach to be the best, but above all it forces players to analyze the movements and attacks of their opponents, as well as to learn the skills of each of the 22 characters or Brawlers available with the aim of choosing the most appropriate for each game mode.

we have Already brought you a guide full of tips aimed at beginners Brawl Stars, to begin to get to grips with the game and its concepts. However, now comes the time to aim even higher, over X tricks that, without a doubt, you will come to be the best at Brawl Stars.

How to be the best in Brawl-Stars: 7 tricks and tips

Tips for winning the battles 3 vs 3

As already discussed in the guide tips for beginner’s Brawl Stars, the battles of 3 vs 3 are one of the best ways to level up in the game. And of course, it will be even easier to level up and get rewards if you win the games. Of the hand of the youtuber Ash Brawl Stars, one of the best players of Brawl Stars of the united States, I bring to you a series of tips for winning the games of 3 vs 3:

How to win games of Atrapagemas

In this game mode, win the team that has achieved the 10 gems and get to keep them for the counter end of 15 seconds. If you take time playing Brawl Stars, you may have noticed that in most games one of the players of the team that maintains control of the game, is located right in the center, near the mine of the crystal that generates the gems, while the rest try to protect it from enemy attacks.

This is one of the best strategies for the games of Atrapagemas. However, you can go even further if the manager is to stay in the center trapping the gems you use characters such as Shelly, Bo, Little, Penny, or Pam.

How to win games of Heist

In the game mode Heist “or ” Heist”, each team must make sure to protect your safe, at the same time that it tries to attack the opponent team. One of the strategies recommended in this type of game is to have two members of the team to attack the opponent team by each of the sides of the map, so that they are not able to get to the safety deposit box.

At the time of attack, the protected area of the opponent, it can be useful to have in the team with Brawlers like The Cousin or Darril, since his special attacks will allow them without too many problems to the safety deposit box. In addition, they have a higher level of life and power that other characters in the game.

In regards to the Brawlers “protectors”, Shelly, Barley or Dynamike are good choices given that the ability to shoot through walls allows you to cover a greater area, thus preventing the attackers from the opponent team can get to our safety deposit box.

How to win games of Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball is without a doubt one of the more game modes, special Brawl Stars. In it, not only will you end up with enemies, but one of the goals is to get to enter the ball into the goal of the team rival, as if a football match is concerned.

The Cousin may be one of our best allies in this game mode, because of its high standard of living allows it to withstand attacks as he heads to the rival goalkeeper with the ball –always and when, the rest of the team do their part and cover the character trying to finish off the rest of enemies–.

, Another recommendation is do not try to reach the goal by running with the ball from the beginning, as it is very likely that the enemy team runs out derribándonos without too much effort, leaving our team with a player less temporarily and thus causing a disadvantage.

How to win games of Bounty

In the game mode, Bounty, the winning team of the game will be the one that most stars have at the end of the game. Each time that one of the Brawlers die, you will lose their stars and will be added to the score of the player who has managed to kill him.

Taking this into account, it is best to always keep in mind the main goal: to survive in order not to lose the stars. Unlike what happens in other game modes, Bounty it is more advisable to be careful with is that to launch into battle from the first moment. It can also be a good idea to resort to those Brawlers with the largest range of shot, as Brock, Piper, Penny, or Bo, though others such as Dynamike or Ricochet can also work well.

a keen eye to join a club

Probably, nothing more begin to play Brawl Stars choose join one of the clubs formed by players from all over the world. This is, without a doubt, it is a good idea to fast forward in Brawl Stars and level-up in the best way possible. However, you must take into account several factors before joining a club or clan Brawl Stars.

The first aspect that you must keep in mind, is that it is not advisable to join a club where the players have a number of trophies much greater to yours. In fact, the optimal thing would be to join a club where, according to your number of trophies compared to the rest of the players, imagine you are in the middle ranking –you can see the positions of each player if you click on the name of the club in question.

This is because, in the Brawl Stars, the enter games through a club, the system in charge of selecting the players of the opposing team, will be based on that player on your team with the highest number of trophies. Therefore, in the vast majority of games you’ll have to fight against opponents that are much stronger and advanced than you, which will slow your progress considerably.

I do Not play brave when you are the player with the most gems

In those game modes where, more importantly to knock down the enemies of the rival team is to get the greatest number of gems as possible, it is very important that those players with more gems than the rest don’t risk losing them fighting in the center of the map. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it is hard to forget when you find yourself in the middle of a battle.

Remember: you will only cures when not to shoot

At this point you may already have noticed that your player is able to regenerate your health automatically. What you perhaps don’t knew, is that this regeneration happens only when your character is not suffering damage, and in addition is not firing. Therefore, a good idea to heal –always, when possible, is to hide for a short period of time to stay away from the fight.

Whether you’re an experienced player of Brawl Stars, or you started to play to the last title developed by Supercell, there is no doubt that these tricks you will help to improve your skills of battle. Given that Brawl Stars, like the rest of games of the company, is in constant evolution, we will be updating this article with new tricks and tips frequently.

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