7 reasons why the Galaxy S8 laughs at the iPhone

Let the fanboys on one side, now well, I think that it is time to talk about the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone 7 Plus and after testing both terminals I have come to the conclusion that Samsung is light years ahead of Apple.

we have Already discussed the Samsung Galaxy S8 to fund and after to test it against the iPhone 7 Plus Apple we’re going to say what are the 7 reasons why it is better. do You agree on all of them?

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7 reasons why the Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone 7 Plus

There are thousands of reasons why the Galaxy S8 is better, but we’re still stuck with just 7 of them:

  • screen: The term Retina was very fashionable a long time ago but the Galaxy S8 has a larger screen, with higher resolution and in less space than that of an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • headset jack: a Lot of people criticized Xiaomi for having removed the headset jack in the Mi6 but does not remember that Apple has removed also and all to make a phone thinner but the S8 is still more slender, with water resistance and headset jack.
  • Ways to unlock the phone: What do you lack the S8 is ways to unlock the mobile. The facial recognition reader, fingerprint reader and retina along with the classic pin safety that already have all the Android. The iPhone 7 Plus only has a fingerprint reader, the famous TouchID.
  • More storage: The iPhone 7 have capacities of 128 and 256 GB but in exchange, the Galaxy S8, supports a microSD of up to 200 GB extra and not pay a price really high.

Without a doubt, the iPhone 7, Apple has been very behind this year

  • Design: the design of The Galaxy S8 not only is it more futuristic and care, but that mark the steps to follow and we are sure that Apple copied Samsung in the next iPhone. But to go a step further you will continue your way and not the other way around as many people believe.
  • wireless Charging and autonomy: the autonomy of The Galaxy S8 is awesome, you just have to see the evidence that we have done. The iPhone 7 has a good battery in your option Plus but does not protrude above the S8 and there is no trace of the wireless charging in Apple, something that’s really comfortable when you try it for the first time.
  • virtual Reality: Another estregias of the Galaxy S8 is Virtual Reality something that Apple does not count, by not counting DeX and more things. In terms of add-ons and customization and options in Samsung we have almost everything.

what do I Still have not convinced you that the samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the Apple iPhone? If you do not agree you can write me in the comments why you’re not. If you would like to have the Galaxy S8 remember that you can compr├írtelo here at the best price.

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