7 juegazos payment, free of charge for a limited time

Play Store destacada

we will Not tire of repeating: the policy of promotions introduced by Google recently in the shop of applications of Android, is one of the most important changes that we have been able to witness in the last few years.

Every day we have the luck to be able to enjoy new games and paid apps that can be downloaded completely for free for a limited time.

If a few days ago we would have up to 15 apps and games of different payment, which for a few days you could download with interesting discounts, and even free of charge, today we have found 7 juegazos for Android paid, that during the last days available for download totally free.

TA: Little Red Riding Hood

TA Little Red Riding Hood

TA: Little Red Riding Hood | Free – Before-1,69 €

Laserbreak Escape

Laserbreak Exhaust |Free – Before 0,59 euros

Plane Storm

Plane Storm | Free – Before 0,99 euros

Laserbreak Renegades

Laserbreak Renegades | Free – Before 0,59 euros

Ninja Knight

Laserbreak Exhaust | Free – Before 0,59 euros



AceSpeeder3 | Free – Before 0,99 euros


Hook | Free – Before 0,99 euros

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