7 apps to keep you from getting bored on a trip and enjoy to the maximum

If you are the typical that you get bored when you are traveling, to tell you, that your journeys to and from now on they will be much more fun, because we bring to you a selection of apps to not get bored on a trip. We have the keys for you to kill the dead time, when traveling, and today I what we have ?

Anadir mascaras MSQRD Android

7 apps to not get bored on a trip


If you want to have fun on that trip so boring in the car, train or where you go, one of the apps top is MSQRD because you’re going to have fun safe to use it. Yes, do it with concealment if you don’t want to see you ?

MSQRD (Free, Google Play) →

2 – FaceApp

Sure you’ve heard of this app because it is up in the soup. App is a very lol because you’ll be able to get incredible images, change faces, etc., Is fashionable, and the truth is that you get to laugh a good time.

FaceApp (Free+, Google Play) →

3 – Spotify Music

Also you can go listening to good music for the trip to pass before and after you arrive at your destination flying. This is one of the best choices and most well known, sure you have account on Spotify, even if it is free.

Spotify Music (Free+, Google Play) →

4 – Clash Royale

is Not an app, it’s a game, but can not miss on your mobile! If you want to have fun really, you only need to create an account and begin to vitiate non-stop. The hours you will spend flying ? If you’re going to play, you will need an internet connection and power bank…

Clash Royale (Free+, Google Play) →

5 – 21 Buttons

This app I discovered recently and it is great. If you like the fashion, find looks truly amazing. You can upload photos and indicate where you bought those clothes so that other users can buy, and so you will receive extra money. Is an app perfect to be aware of fashion and trends this summer.

21 Buttons – Outfits of fashion (Free, Google Play) →

6 – Facebook or Twitter

there is No doubt that to entrenerse, social networks helpn. You install Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see as the time is passing quickly:

Facebook (Free, Google Play) →

Twitter (Free, Google Play) →

7 – Tigebarll

I think that this game, Tigerball, it is essential for travel and kill the aburrimientor. It is one of the most downloaded and popular app store. Without a doubt, you should not miss in your mobile phone ever.

Tigerball (Free+, Google Play) →

¿You liked our list of apps to not get bored on a trip? Now you’ll be able to kill the long hours in the car or wherever you go… but always carry power bank.