6 essential apps for the summer of 2017 (Android)

Now that summer is coming you have no excuse because for sure that you are looking for which are the essential apps for summer 2017, or at least, the best. It is clear that each user is a world, but today we bring you a nice selection in that we talk about the best apps that you must try if you or other.

los 5 mejores palos de selfie

The 6 essential apps for the summer of 2017 (Android)

1 – Sweet Selfie

If you like selfies, now that the summer comes you’ll be able to get you the best with this app for Android and professional free. Is a past, because you can take selfies very nice. The best to hang up on Instagram or Facebook. The effects are 10, and the users are very happy. For many it is the best app for selfies (by 4.6 note).

Sweet Selfie – Candy New Name (Free+, Google Play) →

2 – VivaVideo: video editor

we Also want irmortalices your best moments in video. For this reason, VivaVideo is one of the best apps to play with your videos. So if you want to edit videos in a professional way, this app is priceless.

VivaVideo:Video Editor (Free+, Google Play) →

3 – Translator for travel

Unless you’re an ACE of the languages, it is possible that you need this translator of languages for travel. It is the best you will find in the apps store of Google. If you already have the Google translator, you better, but you already know that app extra to install.

Translator of languages (Free, Google Play) →

4 – BuscoUnChollo

If this summer you want to travel cheap and getaways, you need to install this app to find out about the best deals on travel and chollos. It is one of those essential apps for the summer that we recommend and that will surprise you.

BuscoUnChollo – Deals-Travel, Hotel and Holiday (Free, Google Play) →

5 – Climate

you will Also need an app from your time to your mobile, because even if you can’t remedy it, at least you will know what temperature you are. This is one of the best of the app store.

Weather (Free+, Google Play) →

6 – Spotify Music

What is a summer without music? Nothing. That’s why we want you to listen to music wherever you go. This is one of the essential apps that can not miss never on your mobile, so now you know!

Spotify Music (Free+, Google Play) →

This is our selection of essential apps for summer 2017, what’s your favourite?