5G vs 4G LTE: All the information

5G vs LTE

The term of 5G it begins to sound increasingly strong, and the users want to find the differences with LTE or 4G. It is clear, that one of the main differences is in the speed, but there is another term that joins the list, and that is the latency. how high will we be able to reach? In this article, we will analyze these terms to know the differences between 5G and 4G LTE, passing by 4G+.

5G vs 4G/LTE

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This connection takes a while between us. It is popular, because it is possible that your carrier will offer it, and also you are enjoying in your smartphone if it is compatible with the LTE networks. In Spain, we are lucky that it is one of the fastest, and tends to work very well. When we share Wi-Fi from the mobile to the computer, we will see that indeed we flew.

And if we talk about figures, we see that 4G standard ranges between 150 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload. Even, there is the possibility of hiring a router 4G for our home, if we want more speed that the ADSL. This is very good, and you can ask in the comments if you need to know more information about it.


This connection begins to be the latest of the latest. It is possible that you’ve heard of it. Has already reached many corners of the world, but still has not been expanded as 4G. As you imagine, it is faster to navigate with 4G+. In standard mode, we see that ranges between 300 Mbit/s download and 100 Mbit/s upload, double that of 4G.

The problem is that is only in some large cities, that lack of deployment as the 4G. Given this, it is possible that you are wondering if your terminal is compatible having 4G, and I have to tell you, that not all smartphones with 4G are compatible with 4G+. You’ll have to look at it in due time.

4.5 G

As already imagined, this name is found in the middle between 4G and 5G. Let’s say, that is in some way a transition from one type of network to another. Is meant for the Internet of things (IoT). Not only focuses on providing more speed, but less latency, that in these issues is what matters most to you. Reducing the latency is important so that the connected devices do not dissociate at any time or work breaks.

how Much influences the latency?

To give you an idea:

  • 4G/LTE introduces a latency of between 80-100 ms.
  • 5G promises a latency of up to 10 ms.

As we can see, the difference is huge, that’s why we need you to work on it and to be ready for 2020, the year in which we intend to exploit IoT.

do 5G in the year 2020?

As you can see, in these moments we find ourselves jumping still the 4G+ and we are in the 2016. It is estimated that remaining 4 years until you get to 5G. At that time, it will be fully ready for the Internet of things. Because it is important that you not only enjoy higher speed, but more power to connected devices. The idea, it will be to connect more devices and enjoy a good experience. The court of the Internet, the latency, will be unthinkable.

What do you think of all this? Do you want to get the 5G?

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