550 MP3 Sound System Energy Bluetooth, sound quality wireless

The Spanish manufacturer Energy Sistem launched Energy Bluetooth MP3 Sound System 550 A 2.1 speaker system will allow us to transfer and enjoy all our music, movies or videos from any device without using cables, with all the freedom offered by wireless technology Bluetooth 3.0 .


With a very attractive and modern design, the new member of the family home audio Energy Sistem can also use our USB memories and SD / SDHC card and listen to all your MP3 files with excellent sound quality. This 2.1 audio system features an innovative aspect wood finish and a real power of 40 W with subwoofer to enjoy a sound experience with all the nuances.

In addition, you can perform streaming, Energy 550 Bluetooth MP3 Sound System plays MP3 files from USB and memory SD / SDHC can up to 32 GB . There is also an Analog Input 3.5 where you can connect audio devices that our portable player, tablet or smartphone.


In order to get the most out of all your views this speaker has different EQ modes Standard: Normal, Jazz, Pop, rock and classical manually adjustable bass and treble and a system Magnetic shielding to avoid any interference.

In addition, we can control the playback of your favorite songs from the practical remote included in the package.

Availability and prices

System Energy Bluetooth MP3 Sound System 550 is available now priced at € 59.90 .



  • Sound System 2.1.
  • Streaming audio wirelessly from Bluetooth devices.
  • Bluetooth v3.0 Class 2
  • Plays MP3 files from SD / SDHC / MMC cards with capacity up to 32 GB.
  • USB memory decoder: plays MP3 files from USB memory drives with capacity up to 32 GB
  • .

  • Satellite RMS Power: 10 W x 2
  • RMS subwoofer Power: 20 W.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
  • .

  • Power supply: 110-220 V / 50-60 Hz
  • .

  • Dimensions (HBD)
  • satellite speaker: 142 x 110 x 96 mm
  • .

  • Subwoofer: 251 x 227 x 232 mm
  • .

  • Weight: 4.82 Kg
  • .

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