5 ways you don’t know in which your location can be traced

By much that you turn off the location on your mobile still ways in which your location will continue to be tracked by some side. Surely you know some way but that you have come to tell you about today is not. From this article we will tell 5 ways in which your location is being shared.

Ways in which your location is collected without your knowledge

you are Sure to stumble upon something that will make you think. There is No doubt that whether we like it or not our location can be gathered from a thousand and one ways. We can not tell you how to use it but it does give you a general idea:

by logging in to any place

Inicio sesion Facebook

as a general rule when you log in to a web page or an application know where you are thanks to the IP. It is normally used for security issues (in Google for example you get a message with an approximation of the place).

it is Not very accurate by itself, but attached to data, it is very easy to know where you are and how you are entering your account. The only way to avoid that this happens is through a VPN, and here are the best 5 for your Android.

“Geotageando” your photos

What we do constantly in all the social networks. The label that puts where you are not only seen by your followers. The provider also takes bite to know something more about it as it could not be otherwise.

it Is true that these data are necessary for the proper functioning of the mobile, but as the are collected and processed. Is more, the privacy policies of Google and iOS support that these data shared with external sources. What do you think about this whole issue of privacy and the location?

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