5 tricks to save data on Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO spend a lot of data. Us a few days we will show an analysis of the consumption data of Pokémon GO, which was quite high at 1 hour of game. And if you have 1 GB of data for a whole month and play enough, as you don’t get and need to pay more to your carrier for a data tariff and bigger, that or not being able to play Pokémon GO because you’ll need to be away from home. So, we’re going to talk to you about 5 tricks to save data on Pokémon GO.

it Is important that you have these tricks in mind that you have to save you data and do not stay without them, and you pay a data rate more expensive.

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5 tricks to save data on Pokémon GO

These are our 5 tips:

  • When you get out of the house down to capture Pokémon. If you go out of house to play Pokémon GO, please capture the Pokémon… don’t waste your data to evolve Pokémon, transfiriéndoselos to the teacher, etc .. So better do it at home, with Wi-Fi, as well only spend data capturing Pokémon or grabbing objects in the Poképaradas (makes more sense). As salts, take advantage of it.
  • you don’t have open Pokémon Go all of the time. If you go out on purpose to capture the Pokémon, I understand that you’re all the time open to know if there are Pokémon nearby (that we hope to fix it with the Pokémon GO Plus), but if you spend all day outside, not have it open for 8 hours because you’ll run out of data. Open the game if you’re going to play.
  • If you use module a bait in a Poképarada, better with Wi-Fi. There are Poképaradas even in bars, so you’ll be able to sit down to take a coca cola and use the Wi-Fi bar to catch many Pokémon for half an hour. So you won’t have spent any data. It is a good idea to do this. Also, among friends it is better if each one uses a bait every time…
  • Care with the location. High accuracy uses more battery and also more data. You can put it in battery saving mode from Settings > Location. This will help you don’t waste data, because it does not need to be as accurate searching for signal
  • The Wi-Fis public are perfect for playing Pokémon GO. Although they are dangerous if you start to open your bank account, email or other if there is some user pretending to do a MITM. If you are only playing Pokémon GO are perfect. Although eye with what you’re and where you’re going, you could lose the connection any time and see the message “no Internet connection“.

The best rates to play Pokémon GO

we’ve Even talked about the best rates of data to play Pokémon GO. If you play every day, just like 2 or 3 GB per month you will need between Pokémon GO, and your other apps.

If, before you came with 1 GB and now you play Pokémon, you will need 2 GB at least (it all depends on what you play).

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