5 tricks to prevent your carrier you time

it Is clear that the operators are not mucus from turkey, because while some of us offer incredible prices, other, we offer prices much higher. But how do they differ both services? What are best or worst? Today we won’t go into this exactly, but if we will analyze 5 tricks to prevent your carrier you time.

operadores regalasen las llamadas

5 tricks to prevent your carrier you time

If you don’t want to get ripped off, pay attention to the following tips:

1 – do Not be vulnerable

it Is important not to be misled by salespeople who call you on the phone or go to the door of your house. Always going to say that if you contract for what it offers you’ll pay much less, but careful with the small print, it might be a scam and that you will end up paying a lot more.

2 – Hire what you need and more

There are fees great for little money you get everything. But what are you going to use? Like, if you contract for only what you use pay less. So this last is perhaps the smartest thing to prevent you get ripped off, because many operators are playing with this.

3 – Look at the small print of the promotions

there are Always the typical deals that last for a certain time but the customer you don’t really know what you will pay after. And there is the trick. Even you could have permanence.

4 – If you have to change operator every 6 months, do it

If you want to save the best thing you can do is go to the operator at operator. Yes, you lose time, but if you don’t want to lose more money and continue to deals only temporary, is the best option. This will also that you get ripped off and pay more for the same thing.

5 – take a good Look at the permanence

take a good Look at this before you move to another operator, because they may ask for 150 euros or even more if you go… permanence is one of the biggest “scams” of the operators. Because many users believe that you do not have it due to the bad information of these supposed good deals that they hire. Look at him always with a magnifying glass.

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