5 tips if you are going to install a APK in Android

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to Install an APK it is very comfortable because it allows us to be the latest updates/features without having to wait on a particular version comes to Google Play. To do this, as you already know, you do not need to be root or much less, the only requirement is to have enabled the “unknown sources” in Android to install applications from any developer. But as we risk to do this, you have 5 recommendations on the APK.

Tips/recommendations on the APK

APK Mirror

  • If you are going to download a APK of an application, it is best that you do it from a trusted source, as for example APK Mirror. We could say that it is the web reference in APKs. It is always the first to offer the latest and safe, with all the assurances. However, we also have comments to know what they think users of the newly installed. We recommend that you look always.
  • If this application has official website, download from there APK. For example WhatsApp, it always hang up their APK there before in the Google Play. Although we now have the beta on Google Play is still the same that you always have the latest APK. Download the latest APK of WhatsApp from APK Mirror is still a good option.
  • Careful with what you install, don’t trust nobody. When you install an application typically through the permissions we are giving away our private lives in exchange for a APK free. Very careful with what applications APK install. We will recommend only the popular style of Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp… although if you have a friend that has posted an APK, also. But best avoids APKs from strangers.
  • Careful with the permissions. Do not install APK that access to too many things. For example, many profit from users accessing the SMS, contacts, location… it is information that maybe you don’t need it for anything (yes, it depends on in which consists of the app). Marshmallow allows you to manage the permissions.
  • Look at the support and that is not dangerous. There are many APK’s dangerous to allow us to “hack WhatsApp” or “spy on conversations WhatsApp”. These APK are dangerous, because they might infect us with malware. Very careful with these applications ghost which promise things. Investigate much before you download an APK from a developer you don’t know.

how we have helped You to clarify doubts about the APK? of course, any questions you can ask in the comments, that is why we are.

Installing an APK is not bad, is good, but be careful with some

The APK are not bad in most of them. There are always users who are trying to take advantage of others with malware, however, does not mean you cannot or do not want to install APKs. On the contrary, we in many of the articles we recommend you do so for you to enjoy great features before anyone else, but always and when they come from trusted sources.

we Hope that you have served these tips.

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