5 things you should never do with your Android mobile

Protege tu móvil Android de los agentes externos

Your Android mobile is the tool with which you organize your day-to-day: the lists of contacts in the different applications of communication; agendas and calendars, to never forget anything; the services of fun and entertainment through programs, and a host of other features, that are actually helpful and which are condensed in the operating system most used in the world.

And as well as is convenient for various activities, is also sensitive to certain changes and actions that you must avoid in order to protect the integrity of the, and that we could summarize in 5 paragraphs.

1. Leave it exposed to the rays of the sun

No permitas que tu móvil permanezca frente a los rayos del sol
It is usual in summer time, and even, when we want something to drink in sites free of shadow, and let our mobile phone to tolerate the inclement sun, and with it, the negative effects to which it is exposed electronics, and the temperature, both externally, as within the system.

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it Is important, then, to ensure that the sun’s rays do not strike direct never, and above all, do not allow temperatures circumstantial extremes, both cold as heat.

2. Let it load all night

No dejes que tu teléfono cargue toda la noche
It is also very common that before you go to bed, enchufemos the mobile to the battery to boost to its maximum level, and although it is normal to do so, the breaking point is, in essence, on the fact forget to unplug it when the indicator mark 100%.

What happens there, is that electricity will continue to come to the device, even when it has nothing to do. While in principle it may not cause major problems, the negative action you can sharpen, when the event is constant, and affecting the quality of the official charger of the phone.

3. Download any type of application

Android descargar apps

Is completely necessary to review in the Play Store, the official contents of each brand, and to avoid downloading copies of products, especially of those officers as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. This, with the order of deal with malicious applications that wish to make the theft of your information, and the intrusion of unauthorized programs.

4. Visit sites of dubious reputation

Navegar red Android

Your Android phone is intended to be used to maximum advantage, especially if accounts with a good definition on the screen and unlimited data, but it is also true that you must safeguard the integrity of the system, protecting you from sites unreliable.

To identify them, you can do so when you find ads such as: “you Are the winner of the day, leave your phone number to claim your prize”, or “Your phone has been infected by a virus. To remove it, download this product”, and even many others, (most days), teach you trusted content, and then encourage you to download something for free.

If you’re not sure, query views on the web, or other options with similar items.

5. Do not make backups

Android backup copia seguridad

we Cannot rely on the premise that everything will be on the phone forever. it Is vital that the Android system is updated in its best version; have a program to save your most important files in the cloud, such as Dropbox; make backup copies of your conversations in WhatsApp, and even delete content that you no longer require, to free up space and speed up other functions.