5 things that you should never do with your mobile

The smartphone is part of our lives. And that is that there are many things we can do with our mobile. With terminals becoming more advanced we can do almost everything. But have you ever wondered what is it that you should not do with your phone? Because in this post we tell you 5 things you should never do with your mobile.

1.Load your phone by means of USB

When you use a USB connection to charge your mobile, you actually do terrible damage to the device. When you do this, the PC or other charging source distributes the power between all devices that are connected. That’s why the charging is slower than when you connect your mobile to the current. In addition to this mode, the load will never be optimal.

¿A USB charger can exploit a phone?

you must Also know that if you use your smartphone while you carry this kind of load, the device will heat up much more than when you if you hold her in a plug. That’s why, for the sake of your mobile it is best to charge your device with power.

2. Do not lock your screen

The security and privacy of your mobile phone are very important aspects and that without doubt you should take care of. That’s why you should always set a unlock pattern or a security code to keep protected your smartphone. In addition, do not involve a great effort on your part.

In this way evitarías, for example, that in a possible case of theft, the person who has your phone can access the information that is stored in the. In fact, there are applications that allow you to change the lock screen of your mobile in seconds.

3. Not to make backups

Your mobile saves literally a big part of your life and that is why you cannot risk losing all that information. So the most recommended is that you keep backed up all the information contained in your smartphone. to Perform a backup on your computer, any other device or even upload your data to the cloud can keep them safe.

The security copies of WhatsApp will no longer occupy storage space on Google Drive

4. Ignoring updates from your mobile

Keep your terminal updated can be the solution to many of their problems. Low autonomy, overheating, security failures, connection errors are just some of the problems that you could solve with a simple update. So, don’t ignore the system updates or specific applications and prevents you from having headaches unnecessary.

Also you can know how to turn off automatic updates of apps on Android.

5. Put to charge your smartphone all night

loads extended can be very damaging for your mobile. And is that could affect the autonomy of your battery in the long term. This will be reflected in the duration of the battery of your device and possible problems of overheating that I could get to present.

so what we recommend is put your smartphone in airplane mode during the night. So in addition to saving battery, you’ll avoid waking up with the sound of the notifications.

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