5 things that make me “hate” a lot of times Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an amazing game, but would put the hand in the fire you too have felt the anger raging when you lose against a chocero, or that typical no-name that puts the tower inferno in the middle and the middle to not get your montapuercos. What yes? There are so many reasons to enjoy a piece game, but there are 5 things that I personally do hate Clash Royale as if there was no tomorrow. do You count them?

Some reasons to hate Clash Royale

we have Already spoken several times of that Clash Royale lately it is becoming a pay-to-win, and is one of the reasons why many of us, usual players, we need to stop playing a few minutes after losing one or two games. It is frustrating of truth.

Hurts the soul to see how each two-by-three will earn a player chinese with the cards to the maximum, which is not really better than you, but obviously for statistics is going to crush. Typical gemero.. why are the dogs of Supercell does not attach to those players between them? No, have to get together and to us that suffer to get a letter to epic without buying gems. Makes all the sense in the world of course.

Here are my five reasons to hate the Clash Royale, while still enjoying the game:


there is nothing worse than a gemero. Already that Clash Royale is a free-to-play, and thanks to the gemeros, who invest thousands of euros in buy your down, we can enjoy this game every day. But of course, gentlemen of Supercell, entiéndanos: we hate the gemeros.

And as is normal, the race of the gemero is not satisfied with having the best cards of the game, if not that also has to crush the inferior race with his brutal deck of legendary. Is that if you do not, you do not enjoy, it is normal. The tiger likes hunting more than to be fed, right? As with the gemeros the same thing happens.

gemeros we need to be happy, and of course, not without laughing at it a good while after I left the two towers trembling. Laughter, laughter, “Thank you”, and “Cry”, is the emotion that sends you a good gemero after you’ve already earned with their “superiority” strategic green bills.

Hatred in a pure state.

you benching behind

Towers, huts, tesla or tomb. Anything goes for a good pig without a saddle that the only thing he knows to do is send the miner and the barrel of goblins from behind, while he hides in his ivory tower. And laughs out loud seeing as you prints time and time again against their defense. “Laughter”, “Laugh”, “Go…”

in Addition, this type of player lately has increased the level of trolleo a limit to infinite, thanks to some add-ons as fun as the freeze, poison, zap or fireball. Everything serves to not be able to destroy his goblins, and mining. Little by little you will smashing from the back until it ends with you.

Use cards as one you like is commendable, but this type of decks the only thing that does is make you lose the nerves. Especially if your deck does not include something powerful like a rocket. If you do not, in general, it is impossible to reach your tower.

Hatred in its purest form, second part.

Chozeros and gatherers

If your deck is like mine, and you have many troops vulnerable to fire damage, you know well of what you speak. In a few months is very fashionable the Oven between the choceros. Although it is not a hut in itself, we will refer to this player profile as such, because it uses the same strategy of attrition. Plus get an extra damage against troops, weak to fire, as the minions.

Collectors to blade tip for all parties. The more you can create better. And little by little it is creating Ovens, many Ovens, complemented with troops “tanke” as the mini Pekka or the Megaesbirro that you are leaving without an elixir. It is tremendously frustrating, and really really gets so much that you exasperate.

The momentum of the bonus elixir is like extra pay for a chocero. The maximum happiness. At that time can maximize his or her potential choceril sending thousands of spirits of fire that in just a few seconds it will take everything that you find along the way.

You thought at that time is a murderer as a minimum. And the only thing you do is to review the entire genealogy of the chocero. It is amazing that to this day still has not been any misfortune with this type of players.

The crossbow has become

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The crossbow has become stronger than ever. The crossbow, typical of decks troll, is back among us in tournaments and in all kinds of battles.

Typically the player with this type of deck, which we will denote from now on as the “Robin Hood” of Clash Royale, they typically do not send us any emotion. Shame is something that has been assimilated in their internal forum for use this letter as creeping.

will Destroy our towers little by little with his crossbow, in silence, while defending his “bow” with fire mages, spirits or a tower bomber. As you don’t have a Rocket, it is the vast majority of cases, you are lost. Your goal is to defend your prized weapon of rat creeping, above all.

As an interesting fact: legend has it that there have been cases in which they come together in a battle of two “Robin Hood” of the Clash Royale, but have come to a gentleman’s agreement between them. Tie to continue “robbing the poor”, in silence. Always in silence.

Giant noble and sprinkles

You click on “Battle” quietly, hoping that you will not touch one of the creatures above. How achieved? More or less. More well less. You have touched a mallet sprinkles, giant noble, and a little “extra” fun. This we can call it as the deck of the giant little noble.

Starts from the back putting sprinkles. Pass the seconds and see how little by little closer to your tower. The truth is that Supercell has managed to portray very well how they would feel in the Middle Ages from the inside of a castle, when they saw getting a battering ram. Just before you reach the river, you see the giant noble, faithful protector of sprinkles.

And if outside little, the combo is complemented with a letter that yes that is noble, as a megaesbirro, a few spirits of fire or fire mage. But that makes the deck more rat Clash Royale to use it all together. As you should enjoy to see you get all the “party”, as I said Tony Stark.

What is anger inside. At that time Clash Royale turns you into a monster eager for blood.

1, 2, and 3, I calm down,

all will see

These are some of the decks against which you’re going to sit or yes, and that really will make you hate Clash Royale more than anything else in the world. Worst of all is that the response of many players who use this type of decks is always the same: and why not use you?

Because, because I don’t feel like it. It may be that my deck is not the most “honor” to have, or much less, but I think that those combinations do not have merit none. Give very little game really, both the usa and the fight against it.

yes, if you like to laugh about the whole event than others, I recommend you fully use them against other players of Clash Royale. you will Get more people like me hate at times Clash Royale. But be careful with Karma!

What types of decks or strategies would make you hate Clash Royale?

The post 5 things that make me “hate” a lot of times Clash Royale

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