5 strategies with the montapuercos in the Clash Royale

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After so many requests for articles on the Clash Royale, today we bring you 5 strategies with the montapuercos in the Clash Royale. This letter is one of my favourites, although sometimes it’s crazy because it’s not always going where I want. I will tell you some tricks that I use and I have seen it work well to use this letter. If you like to Clash Royale and you’re as hooked as us, we are sure that you know, but it’ll be good to review it:

Montapuercos in the Clash Royale

montapuercosthe best of the montapuercos is not to attack enemy, but directly going to the tower and spend 4 elixir. In addition at high levels sticks quite well and is strong of life. The bad thing is that in buildings by the road (collectors, towers…).

we Started with 5 possible strategies (in thousands):

  • Montapuercos + freezing (my favorite). This is one of the strategies with the montapuercos most popular that I have seen, and the truth is that it is super effective. What is true is that sometimes you do not really need the freezing, it all depends on how you have shaped our opponent, because if it is without elixir we will get a lot of life without freezing, because the tower will cost to knock down one on the montapuercos. This strategy however is good and popular. You can also apply antifreeze to a tesla closed not open and the montapuercos follow the direction of the tower.
  • Montepuercos on the one hand, and another card (the prince) on the other. This strategy is also seen at some time or other, because they are two cards so heavy that it’s impossible to stop the two, and in total we spend 9 of elixir and we still can defend then with a fireball or some arrows or freeze what we find later. This strategy bothers me a lot, because it is a time bomb, too much force board.
  • Montapuercos + goblins. This move is treacherous, because, although you have constructs by means such as a tesla.. sometimes the montapuercos not to and passes completely long to reach the tower, which is a move round because our opponent believes that the tesla will stop, and however crazy to escape thanks to the goblins. It is necessary to throw the cards at the same time.
  • Montapuercos + zap. Many users use this to stop for a second the letter we want to take care of the montapuercos, and thus remove more life to the tower. Works very well for you to spend only 2 of elixir.
  • Montapuercos + minions. This strategy is very strong, because the minions are very strong. Use it especially if you know that your enemy has no arrows, because he let K. Or… do not know how to kill you. Make sure also that you do not have a ball of fire, because although the montapuercos does not die at all it affects you a little.

Freezing and fury, two important keys

I it would always lead a freezing and / or anger with the montapuercos, because this could make lack. In addition, it also comes well to freeze to another montapuercos if you try to do the move, which is very strong and popular. How much stronger is the montapuercos, it almost becomes imperative to freezing. In level 7 it is so strong that it could not make you lack, but it always comes good for if the flies.

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do You have been helpful these strategies for montapuercos of Clash Royale? Do you use any?

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